The Society for Education and Training (SET) is part of the Education and Training Foundation (ETF), the sector-owned and sector-led organisation working to raise the quality and professionalism of teachers and trainers across the post 16 Further Education (FE) and training system.

SET incorporates the membership organisation previously run by the Institute for Learning (IfL) until November 2014.

The Society is managed by a dedicated team of staff.

Our goals for our governance structure are that:

  • Our members will have representation and regular involvement in guiding the strategic and operational planning for the future development of the Society.
  • Members will be at the heart of everything we do, their views and opinions will play a central role in determining the future direction of the Society, and its success will be driven by their engagement.
  • Our membership service will be self-sustainable rather than supported by other sources, so that membership funds pay for further investment into membership benefits.

Practitioner Advisory Group (PAG)

During our consultation, we talked regularly with members to make sure we incorporated their views in the design and planning of the new service. As part of this, we convened a Practitioner Advisory Group (PAG): a group of 35 professionals working across the FE and training sector that came together twice during our consultation to discuss their thoughts and opinions about membership, and to feed back on our proposals for the new membership offer.

As part of our new governance structure following this first consultation phase, we set up a new PAG. The PAG reports into the SET Management Board. The Board will draw together the recommendations of the PAG and SET staff to shape our annual SET strategy plan, and approve new policies and processes shaped by the PAG. It will also report to the overall ETF Board.

As we outlined during the first meeting of this new Practitioner Advisory Group (PAG), the SET governance structure includes its own Management Board.

The Management Board

The Management Board carries out the following critical functions:

  • draws together recommendations from the PAG group and advice from SET staff to agree and shape annual operational and strategic plans for SET and QTLS
  • forecasts and monitors the in-year performance of SET, in terms of member numbers, QTLS candidates, impact and outcomes
  • approves new policies and procedures that have been designed through the PAG and other panels
  • receives any matters of concern or issues for escalation or resolution
  • reports these plans and outcomes to the overarching Education and Training Foundation board for information and/or approval.

The Board is made up of eight individuals: four SET members, appointed from the wider PAG group, two in-house SET staff, and two trustees of the Education and Training Foundation, one of whom is chair.

The members of the SET Management Board are:

  • Chair: Dan Williams, Lecturer and Collaborative Partner Lead for the PGCE Post 14 Education and Training at the University of Derby
  • Dr Tim Meaklim, Independent Consultant in Leadership, Learning and Development
  • Amanda Annis, Head of Quality Assurance - RSL Awards
  • Lisa Williamson, Freelance Lecturer and Specialist Teacher
  • David Russell, Chief Executive, Education and Training Foundation
  • Jenny JarvisChief Operating Officer, Education and Training Foundation

The Board meets three times a year, on dates aligned with meetings of the PAG and ETF. Board members are appointed for a period of three years. The first Management Board meeting took place in February 2016. 

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