The Society for Education and Training (SET) exists to support members across our diverse sector, wherever they practise and at every stage of their career. In the spirit of our vision, mission and values, including a commitment to inclusivity and promoting equality and diversity, SET wants to make its website accessible to all.

SET's website is designed to be W3C compliant and to enable the technology that assists users with disabilities, including screen readers and access keys to get to areas of the site.

This page includes basic guidance on accessibility and how to tailor this website to make it easier to use. You can find more detailed advice on the BBC's 'My web my way' site.

Tab key

It is common for browsers (for example, Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer) to let you navigate a site using the Tab key on your keyboard. Once you've used the Tab key to highlight the button you want, the required button is highlighted this way, press the Enter/Return key to select the page.


We've taken guidance on our colour schemes to enhance readability. If you have problems, however, please email and we will consider your comments for future design.

Large text

This website works with your browser's text size and zoom facilities.


This site uses images that contain descriptive 'alt' attributes, which can be read by screen-reading software.

Other visual elements

All elements (including the news ticker) are encoded using standard HTML to enable them to be picked up by screen-reading software.

Java-enabled items (for example, drop-down menus) display as a full list if you do not have access to Java.

Downloading documents

A number of PDF resources are available throughout the site. You will need Adobe Reader to download PDF documents.

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