Middle Managers supported to prepare for the introduction of T Levels

Since October 2019, the Education and Training Foundation (ETF) has been running a professional development offer to support middle managers to develop the management and leadership skills needed to lead their teams and organisations towards successful implementation of T Levels.

The main focus of the support is on leadership and management skills for change, project management, implementing and planning effectively for the new curriculum – including provision for learners with SEND – and leading effective partnerships and employer relationships.

Face-to-face training events 

A number of face-to-face training events have taken place with attendees reporting that the support provided by the ETF is having a significant impact. When asked about the actions they would take as a result of attending an in-house training day, these included planning and implementing an employer consultation, undertaking a stakeholder analysis to identify priority groups to engage with, and making time to work with colleagues to discuss aspects of curriculum design.

Attendees also said the realisation that more needed to be done sooner than they had anticipated would be vital to their planning.

Mentoring scheme

A number of participants have progressed onto the mentoring scheme which supports middle managers in planning for and implementing the changes required for effective T Level delivery. Mentors are experienced in leading change within the education sector and knowledgeable about T Levels, and will enable managers to prioritise the changes they have identified within their areas of responsibility.

Online modules

For those who need a more flexible mode of support, there are also four online modules available. Each takes approximately 15 minutes to complete with topics covering; understanding your role as an agent of change, working with colleagues to implement change, leading through uncertainty and reflection and planning for change.

As you work through the sessions, there are opportunities to identify and analyse your initial thoughts and ideas about including the T Level within your organisation’s curriculum and some practical tools to help you to gain an understanding of your own organisation’s culture and ways of working to support your role as an agent of change.

Next steps:

Further support

As well as the T Level Professional Development (TLPD) offer tailored to middle managers, there is a wealth of support for a range of other roles within T Level provider organisations.

We would encourage you to alert your teaching teams to the newly released webinars supporting the embedding of English, maths and digital skills through T Level courses. The webinars will explore effective practice in developing these skills in relation to the General Competency Frameworks as published by the Institute for Apprenticeships and Technical Education.

The full TLPD offer can be seen in detail on the T Level Professional Development webpage and upcoming events can be browsed via the T Level-specific calendar. If you’re interested in keeping up to date with all the latest TLPD news you can sign up to receive the fortnightly e-bulletin.

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