E-learning tools

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This rich resource contains a selection of online tools that can help to enhance teaching and learning.


Credit for this resource goes to Martin Compton from Bradford College.

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  • Quizlet.com - a flash card tool that allows you to pair items, especially good for language teaching; it also seems to work very well for jargon busting.
  • Wordle word cloud – this is great for covers, front pages of presentations or whatever you creatively want it to be. 
  • File Sharing – You can file share in a range of ways including My QTLS/REfLECT+ and Dropbox
  • Video and image – Video sites such as YouTubeTeacherTube and Flickr can bring a more visual and creative element to your teaching or training
  • Issuu – a great site if you want to create your own online magazine. Also used to create the digital version of InTuition, IfL's professional journal.

Access the reflective activity (PDF, 262 KB)


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