Webinar: Finding purpose in your role in education

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In this webinar, we will explore what purpose might look like for you and how it can impact your role in teaching and learning. Naomi Ward, ICF accredited coach and facilitator, will discuss what purpose means to educators, how it can enable you to increase your capacity, discover and how it can transform your relationship to the barriers that get in your way.

Within your role in education, we will explore:

  • What is purpose?
  • What will the impact be on you if you choose to live purposefully?
  • When you have found purpose, how can you use it as a resource?
  • What if you doubt your ability to live a life of purpose?
  • How do you find and define your purpose in education?

Host biography

Naomi Ward is an ICF accredited coach and facilitator working with educators at all levels of the profession. She partners educators as they discover their strengths, values and purpose and what that means for taking charge of their personal and professional development.

Naomi was an English Teacher and Faculty Leader in London secondary schools for 14 years before relocating to Hampshire. She founded Education Connected in 2015, which offers powerful programmes of personal development coaching and training. In 2019 she founded Purposeful Educators, a community of educators who are dedicated to finding and living their purpose within a supportive and courageous community. She has edited two books about wellbeing in the education sector.

She is a lead coach for the MTPT Project, which supports educators while on parental leave, a coaching consultant for Values-based Education, and a volunteer mentor at The Kings Arms Youth Club.