Webinar: Working effectively with support staff

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Recent research has indicated that there can be a positive impact on learner attainment when support staff work in structured settings, implementing targeted interventions using brief, regular sessions maintained over time to motivate, support and engage students.

To do this support staff require high-quality support from teachers and managers as well as training, with access to structured resources. These interventions need to be based on detailed assessments to ensure that the right support is provided to the right pupil.

This webinar will explore:

  • Recommendations on the use of support staff in everyday contexts
  • Distinction between learner support and learning support
  • Recommendations on the use of support staff in delivering structured interventions
  • The skills needed by support staff in a range of contexts
  • Communication, feedback and monitoring progress
  • Approaches to up-skilling support staff to enable them to provide alternative ways of explaining concepts


Kevin Piper, Director of Education

Kevin has taught for over 30 years in schools, university and FE and has been a head teacher as well as a school improvement leader in a range of diverse settings.

He has led teams working on raising achievement in numerous British schools and colleges and overseas and is a validated trainer for the British Council and for exam boards. He has also worked as an assessor with various awarding bodies and continues to run revision workshops for students.