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Using positive body language in the classroom

Gillian Harvey is a secondary school teacher and former Head of English with nine years’ teaching experience. She gives her top 10 tips to encourage positive body language in the classroom.

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The impact of social media on educators

With the instant connectivity it offers, social media is a force to be reckoned with, writes Nicola Riding, who discusses how social media can impact teaching and training initiatives.

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InTuition taster: "Don't lock people out of education"

Video and article: SET members like Nafisah Graham-Brown bring opportunity to some of the poorest and most disadvantaged people in British society. Alan Thomson, editor of inTuition, reports.

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InTuition taster: Curriculum development - who's in charge?

Giving teachers more power over the curriculum can really unleash their creativity and improve the way students learn, writes Mike Rugg, Diane Holmes and Tony Bulloch.

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Dealing with redundancy

Facing redundancy and unsure where to go for support or what to do next? Find out more about your employment options and legal rights.

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Webchat transcript: Quiz the experts on QTLS

Read the full transcript of the live webchat where SET members got the chance to quiz the experts on QTLS.

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