Our vision

Headshot of Jane Galbraith

A welcome message from our Head of Membership, Jane Galbraith Welcome to SET

The Society for Education and Training (SET) is an integral part of the Education and Training Foundation (ETF), campaigning to raise the status and standard of the Further Education and Training sector.

By becoming a member you’ll join our growing community of professionals - helping us to increase professionalism and recognition of the sector. We encourage all members to have a voice and be active in shaping our work and determining the needs of the sector. We want to work with you, to listen to your ideas and to build a professional membership body that is shaped by and responsive to its members.

We currently have over 22,000 members and ambitions to grow this number significantly. We look forward to welcoming you to the SET community.

Our vision is for:

“A Further Education and Training sector workforce striving for excellence in teaching and training”

We will achieve this through our mission:

“To build and promote the professional status of our members, helping them progress in their careers through wider recognition of their expertise”

To achieve our mission, there are three key features that support our members:


We will develop career pathways to support our members throughout their career.


We will advance members' professionalism through the awarding of professional status, the setting of professional standards, the provision of CPD and learning opportunities and the promotion of professionalism for the sector.


We will ensure that members have the opportunity to work together, learn from each other and to meet through digital platforms and face-to-face.

We will operate according to three strategic principles:

Be easy to do business with

Our systems will be straightforward and easy to use. We will ensure that our joining journey is swift and simple with easy to understand and straightforward payment options.

We will develop and improve our CRM system, improving our management intelligence and ensuring we capture and record information relevant to support our members.

We will clearly set out the products and services for members from both SET and ETF so that members can swiftly access the resources they need.

Meeting members' needs

We will develop our products and services so that they provide clear support for our members. We will ensure that our members can find relevant, affordable CPD; that QTLS and ATS continue to offer opportunities for professional recognition and career advancement; that as a learned organisation we encourage educational research and provide our members with opportunities to develop their research knowledge; that we provide opportunities for members to meet one another and to develop their professional community and that we provide relevant news and information through our channels and in particular the inTuition magazine.

Build a loyal customer base

We will regularly contact members for feedback on our performance and undertake proactive calls to make sure we understand our members and they understand what we offer.

We will develop a series of Awards to offer recognition to the sector and to promote members' professionalism.