QTLS - Qualified Teacher Learning and Skills status

The QTLS application window will open on Monday 12 August 2024 until 24 October 2024. Please note, it can take on average up to five days to complete the application once started. We would therefore encourage you to apply as early as possible.  

For further information about the deadlines for both the application stage and the professional formation programme, please see the activity timeline.  


What is QTLS?

QTLS is a Professional Status recognised in the education sector, which is gained after successfully completing a six-month period of professional formation and maintained through membership to the Society for Education and Training (SET). 

The professional formation programme enables you to show your progression and commitment to excellence within the Further Education (FE) and Skills sector. Once you achieve QTLS, you’ll be added to the professional status register where future employers can check your status. 

In addition, from September 2024, QTLS holders who are maintaining this professional status through SET membership, will also be issued with a Teacher Reference Number (TRN) and will appear on the Department for Education’s (DfE’s) central record of qualified teachers managed by the Teaching Regulation Agency (members can choose to opt out of both).

QTLS is designed for teachers and trainers working in the FE and Skills sector.  

If you teach in a school, you should undertake QTS as this is specifically designed for teachers in schools.However, QTLS may be an option in exceptional cases if you work in a school but teach a technical subject to post-14 learners or maths and English to post-16 learners. 


Below is the full criteria that you must meet to be suitable to apply for QTLS. There is more information on this in the Eligibility explained section

1. Be a current member of the Society for Education and Training (SET)

Your membership grade must be MSET (Member) or FSET (Fellow). Find out how to join the Society for Education and Training.


2. Be employed in a Further Education and Skills setting teaching groups of post-14 learners

Find out more about eligible settings, settings not eligible and exceptional circumstances.

Eligibility explained

3. Must be teaching/training groups of five or more post-14 learners for a minimum of 230 hours over six months during the professional formation period

The professional formation period is 20 January to 30 June 2025.

4. Have identified a suitable qualified supporter

Find out who can be a supporter.

Guidance for supporters

5. Hold an eligible Further Education and Skills teaching qualification at Level 5 or above

View the list of accepted qualifications.

Eligible ITE qualifications

6. Hold an accepted Level 2 maths qualification

View the list of accepted qualifications.

Eligible maths qualifications

7. Hold an accepted Level 2 English qualification

View the list of accepted qualifications.

Eligible English qualifications

8. Hold a Level 3+ qualification in subjects that you teach for five or more hours per week

You must hold a minimum of a level 3 qualification

Student And Teacher In An Art Class

Eligibility checklist

View the eligibility checklist to help you decide if you are suitable to apply. Detailed information on eligibility can be found here. 

QTLS Eligibility Criteria Checklist

How to apply

How do I apply?

If you are a member of SET (MSET: Member or FSET: Fellow) and meet the eligibility criteria, you can apply during the application window.

The application consists of two stages: 

Stage 1  

Payment. We will need to process your non-refundable application fee of £50. 

Stage 2  

Once the payment has been processed, you will be given access to the application portfolio.  

Please note that it can take up to five days on average to complete Stage 2, the application portfolio and supplying your evidence. Please ensure you factor this in when applying.  

The application window (Stage 1) will close on 24 October 2024. Once your application payment is processed, you will have until 5pm on 31 October 2024 to submit your completed application portfolio and evidence.  

What's involved?

There are four sections which comprise the application stage: 

  1. About you  
  2. Qualifications  
  3. Roles and responsibilities  
  4. Supporting statement (endorsement) submission 

Once admitted onto the programme, you will be given access to the professional formation portfolio which consists of eight sections:  

  1. About You 
  2. Updates to qualifications and roles and responsibilities  
  3. Self-assessment 
  4. Professional Development Plan  
  5. Continuing Professional Development (CPD) record  
  6. Critical reflection on impact  
  7. Final action plan  
  8. Final supporting statement submission 

How much does it cost?

There is a non-refundable application fee of £50.  

If accepted onto the programme, the programme fee is a further £520. 

You can pay this programme fee in full or pay a deposit of £160 followed by three further monthly direct debit payments of £120. 

When can I apply?

The next application window opens on 12 August 2024. 

It will close on 24 October 2024. 

Key dates

The professional formation programme dates are:

Monday 20 January to Monday 30 June 2025.

For more information, please see the activity timeline.

Activity timeline