Advanced Teacher Status (ATS)

Advanced Teacher Status (ATS) is a Professional Status recognised in the Education sector, which is gained after successfully completing a 14-month period of Professional Development and maintained through membership to the Society for Education and Training (SET). Achieving ATS allows you to demonstrate to colleagues and future employers your mastery in teaching and learning and helps you advance your career into more senior roles.

You’ll also gain Chartered Teacher Status. Those who achieve ATS will be conferred with the Chartered College of Teaching’s Chartered Teacher designation. The Chartered College of Teaching has a re accreditation process, however as long as you maintain ATS through SET, you will maintain this status. Chartered Status is the highest nationally recognised accreditation pathway that will further support your career-long development and recognised mastery in your practice at different levels.

Once you have achieved ATS you are eligible to upgrade your membership to a Fellow and use ATS as a designation in your signature and on your CV, which is a great way to impress future employers.

The application window for the next ATS cohort (starting in October 2024) is open until 28 August 2024.  


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Is ATS right for me?

  • Are you already working at the level of an advanced teacher?
  • Would you like the opportunity to further develop your pedagogical expertise?
  • Are you interested in undertaking your own small-scale project and critically analysing existing education research?
  • Do you want to develop your coaching/mentoring skills to support other practitioners?
  • Would you like to, or do you already contribute to your organisation’s development and improvement?

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What’s involved?

Unlike a qualification, ATS is a self-guided 14-month development programme, You'll typically be required to work approximately four hours per week on your portfolio. As you near the end of the programme you can expect to put in more hours.

You’ll be assessed on your individual development as well as your ability to work collaboratively and influence teaching and learning across the organisation at strategic level - either with fellow ATS participants or with more senior colleagues at your organisation.

ATS holders will be expected to re-accredit their status every three years to demonstrate that they continue to meet the Professional Standards (Advanced Teacher). 

Take a look at the ATS programme in more detail.

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ATS experiences Whilst undertaking ATS you’ll be able to:

  • Reflect on your practice to further improve your teaching and learning.
  • Develop skills in mentoring colleagues to bring about changes in your own and others’ practice.
  • Maintain and update your subject knowledge and educational research.
  • Apply understanding of effective practice in teaching and learning.
  • Critically evaluate your practice and assess its impact.
  • Contribute to organisational development and improvement through a research project.
  • Develop curriculum or teaching and learning leadership skills.
  • Influence teaching and learning at your organisation at strategic level.

Hear from previous participants about their experiences of the Advanced Teacher Status programme.

ATS Experiences
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Am I eligible?

To be eligible it is essential that applicants need to:

  • be a current member of SET
  • hold a Level 5 or above initial teacher education qualification, for a minimum of four years (if holding QTS or QTLS status) or a minimum of five years (if you do not hold QTLS or QTS status)
  • hold an eligible Level 2 English and Level 2 maths qualification, or Level 3 if you teach discrete English and/or maths subjects
  • hold a level 3 or above equivalent qualification in the main subject that you’ll be teaching for the period of the ATS programme  
  • be a teacher/trainer with at least 4 years-experience post Initial Teacher Education  
  • be teaching groups of learners (5 or more) in a post-14 Further Education and Skills setting for a minimum of 320 hours (E.g., approximately 7hr per week for 46 weeks)
  • be able to demonstrate a positive impact on learners or colleagues e.g. improvement in learner outcomes, feedback from peers, strategic input/impact   
  • be in a position to coach/mentor qualified colleagues in a teaching position as part of your role    
  • be able to influence departmental, middle or senior level teaching and learning strategies within your organisation and evidence the outcome/impact 
  • be able to get an endorsement from a senior leader in your organisation  

It would also be desirable if applicants are working as an advanced teacher and can: 

  • lead, support or influence strategic management of teaching and learning in your organisation
  • lead, support or engage in activities with colleagues beyond your classroom, e.g. delivering CPD for colleagues, resourcing teaching and learning
  • demonstrate how to support colleagues’ professional development through formal coaching and mentoring interventions
  • evidence, or engage, in research-based projects (small or large) from an academic or professional setting

If you feel that are already in a position to demonstrate meeting these criteria or will be in a position next academic year, please submit an application. 

Applying to undertake ATS

How much does ATS cost?

Undertaking ATS will cost £884.

You can pay this in six direct debit instalments, with an initial payment of £224 once you’ve been accepted onto the programme.

How do I apply?

The application window is currently open.

If you are a member of SET and meet the eligibility criteria, you can apply to undertake our Professional Development programme, leading to ATS until 28 August 2024 for the October start.

Apply for ATS

When can I apply?

We have one application window per year: 1 April - 28 August.

Successful applicants will be issued their portfolio in early October.

You can still express your interest in undertaking ATS at any time.

Proof of support from your organisation should include:

  • Endorsement from a senior manager.
  • A documented professional discussion with a line manager.
  • A copy of your current teaching timetable highlighting your access to a minimum of 320 hours post-14 group teaching (5 or more learners) for the duration of the programme. 
  • Accredited English and maths qualifications at Level 2 or above (if you do not hold QTLS/QTS)**

Proof of up-to-date subject/vocational knowledge (demonstrating a commitment to maintaining and updating this knowledge) could include:

  • A subject specialist qualification at Level 3 or above for the main subject/s that you will be teaching for the period of the ATS programme***
  • A CV demonstrating evidence of work experience
  • Records of recent relevant CPD undertaken and the impact
  • An accredited teacher training qualification at Level 5 or above. You can view the list of these approved qualifications.

* If your initial training qualification was gained overseas, you will need to obtain a statement of comparability from UK ENIC (formerly NARIC) confirming that your qualification entitles you to teach in the country where it was gained.

**If your maths and English qualifications were gained overseas, you will need to obtain a statement of comparability from UK ENIC that confirms that your qualifications are equivalent to Level 2 (GCSE grades A*–C or 4-9).

***If you teach maths or English (numeracy, literacy, ESOL) GCSE or Functional Skills in either the FE and training sector or in schools, you will also need to hold maths and English qualifications at a minimum of Level 3.


View list of eligible ITE qualifications

View list of approved maths and English qualifications

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impact of ATS Benefits of ATS for employers

Advanced Teacher Status (ATS) is the tried and tested way to professionalising your workforce. Find out more about the benefits of ATS to employers.

Benefits of ATS for employers

The impact of ATS Feedback from surveyed ATS awardees in 2022

100% said it had a positive impact on their practice
100% said it had a positive impact on their learners
100% said it had a positive impact on colleagues

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