SET Management Board (SMB): Terms of Reference

1. Purpose
1.1. The purpose of The Society for Education and Training (SET) Management Board is to provide clear advice to the ETF Board on the annual operational plan, strategic development and expected performance and impact of SET.
2. Duties
The SET Management Board will advise the ETF Board on:
2.1. The annual operational plan for SET making recommendations about the use of reserves, for example where this should be invested in the development of existing or new member benefits
2.2. The strategic development of the SET service, to respond to member requirements (heavily informed by the recommendations of the Practitioner Advisory Group), the external environment, and stakeholder relationships.
2.3. The expected and current in-year performance, impact and outcomes of SET (including specific key performance indicators (KPIs) which will be defined separately), with recommendations for improvements or interventions as necessary.
The Chair is to:
2.4. Report at each ETF Board meeting any matters of concern and recommended actions since the previous Board meeting, in particular regarding in-year performance against KPIs and strategic development.
2.5. Report annually to the ETF Board:
• on the work of the Management Board
• to recommend the annual operational plan for approval
3. Powers
In order to exercise its role the SET Management Board has the power to: 3.1. investigate any activity within its terms of reference.
3.2. Seek any information it requires from the Directors and members of sub committees of the ETF Board and Foundation employees, plus relevant information from sub-contractors and other third parties.
3.3. Obtain external professional advice.
4. Membership
4.1. The SET Management Board will comprise up to twelve individuals: with up to six SET members, appointed from the wider Practitioner Advisory Group, up to three ETF staff, up to one lay member, and up to two trustees of the ETF. The SMB has the power to co-opt additional individuals where a need is identified, as long as the total membership does not exceed twelve.
4.2. The SMB Chair will be appointed by the ETF Board and selected from the SMB membership. They are to be a person of high standing with relevant professional expertise. All other members of SMB are appointed by SMB.
4.3. The SET Management Board may choose to appoint a Vice Chair from within its membership in the event of the Chair being unavailable.
4.4. The members of the Management Board appointed from the Practitioner Advisory Group will be selected through a voting and interview process taking into account the existing skills of current Board members. Members of the Practitioner Advisory Group can put themselves forward for election when a vacancy arises. All members of the Practitioner Advisory Group will have the opportunity to apply.
4.5. The terms of appointment of members of the Management Board and the Chair and any Vice Chair will be three years.
4.6. At the end of the term of office, members of the Management Board, the Chair and Vice Chair are eligible for re-appointment, with a maximum of two terms.
4.7. Conflicts of interest may arise for those members of the Management Board who are also part of the Practitioner Advisory Group. The Chair and Board Members will use their discretion on how to handle such conflicts of interest.
5. Quorum
5.1. The quorum for the meetings will be six members, one of whom must be the Chair or Vice Chair, and at least two of whom must be a SET member.
6. Remuneration
6.1. Members of the SET Management Board will not receive remuneration for their roles but are entitled to claim for travel and subsistence expenses when attending Board meetings.
7. Frequency of Meetings
7.1. The SET Management Board will meet three times a year and on such other occasions as necessary.
7.2. The dates of the meetings are chosen to align with the ETF Board and core business.
8. Attendance at Meetings
8.1. The Membership Administrator shall be the secretariat to the Management Board. The Management Board shall invite such members of SET, members of staff of the Foundation and other persons to attend meetings as may be desirable and necessary. The SMB members are required to attend a minimum of two per three meetings each year, with a strong expectation of attending all three.
9. Minutes of Meetings
9.1. The Membership Administrator shall minute meeting proceedings and decisions, including recording those present and in attendance. Draft minutes shall be circulated promptly to all members of the SMB.

Last updated: 16 May 2019

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