Code of Practice and membership procedures consultation - Summer 2016

Code of Practice and membership procedures consultation - Summer 2016

We ran a consultation to get your feedback on our proposed new Code of Practice and procedures. Following the consultation, the Code and procedures were published in September 2016.

When we launched the Society for Education and Training (SET) in May 2015, we inherited various procedures and regulations from the former membership body run by the Institute for Learning. It was possible to update some of these simply and quickly at the time of launch.

However, some of these procedures were more complex and needed more thorough consideration, wider discussion, and feedback. In particular, we have carefully planned a new Code of Practice, along with various associated procedures about membership suitability. These have been planned and discussed with the support of our Practitioner Advisory Group (PAG) and the SET Management Board.

The Code of Practice sets out the professional behaviour and conduct expected of members of SET, including mandatory requirements which must be complied with to become and remain a member. It is a very important statement of what it means to be part of SET, and the levels of professionalism that are required or encouraged of all of our members.

Committing to the SET Code of Practice is a key part of becoming a member, and then remaining a member for subsequent years. We have in parallel created new procedure documents explaining how SET intend to review membership applications using the Code or consider information that may call into question a member’s suitability. We have designed these procedures so they are transparent and involve members in making decisions about others’ suitability, and then reviewing these decisions if necessary.

We are very grateful for the guidance received from the PAG, the SET Management Board and those members who responded to our consultation.


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