Why being a member of the PAG is important to us

We asked our PAG members why they chose to apply to be a member of the Practitioner Advisory Group (PAG) and what it means to them. 


  • "It's tangible, we discuss and make decisions. We are a diverse group whose voice can make a difference, we champion the amazing work happening in the FE sector."
  • "I wanted to be a part of ongoing decisions to refine provision and training to members."
  • "It is important for me to back like-minded practitioners and share ideas on professionalism in the sector."
  • "To represent the apprentice sector."
  • "To make contributions to growing quality in the PCET sector, to bridge the gap between HE and FE, discuss the future of the sector and CPD support."
  • "To share best practice and learn from other practitioners across many topics in education."
  • "To be part of developing the professionalism of the sector through its main professional membership body."
  • "The ability to scope the future of FE and raise its profile in the education sector."
  • "To meet with and contribute ideas and knowledge, to support those working across the sector to develop and improve and to help enhance the profile of the sector."
  • "Networking with similar professionals and organisations in the teaching and training field. Sharing best practice and giving back to the community."
  • "To support my own professional development as my career moved from sixth form towards HE and FE. To have the opportunity to continue to shaping longer-term strategy and help shape the future development of teaching practitioners."
  • "Understanding better the breadth of the sector; learning from others and networking and social learning; direct access to informing and shaping the organisation; demonstrating to my employer developments within the sector; and my commitment to professional development."
  • "To contribute to discussion and change in the Further Education and Training sector and improve professional practice by keeping up-to-date with change."
  • "I wanted to stay close to developments in the sector and be a voice representing practitioners, especially Independent Training Providers (ITPs)."
  • "I am interested in the development and growth of professional body and want to understand more about the benefits of my development."
  • "To develop my clinics educator role and practice; to add my voice to the whole sector from healthcare; and to help develop the professional aspect of non-traditional educators."
  • "It helps understand the sector and its many facets. Helps share practice and enables people to discuss topics that are sometimes challenging."
  • "To get involved and contribute more to SET, to network, and to get experience to add to my CV."
  • "To represent local authorities on the PAG and to be an advocate for continued parity for QTLS with QTS in schools."
  • "As an ITP I felt it was important that this sector was represented as well as the large cooperate colleges.”
  • "I wanted to be an active part of the institution that would represent my interests."

Find out how you can apply to be a member of the PAG.

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