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IfL's legacy

IfL's legacy

The Institute for Learning was the professional body for teachers, tutors, trainers and student teachers working in the education and training sector from 2002 - 2014. In 2014, IfL closed and transferred its legacy to the Education and Training Foundation who established a new Society for Education and Training.

Here you can find information about the history of IfL.


The history of IfL

IfL was created in 2002 by teachers, unions and employer bodies as an independent practitioner-led professional body. IfL continues to support teachers and trainers through professional body membership.

IfL's impact

IfL's progress has been documented in annual impact reviews.

The future of IfL's legacy: FAQs

These FAQs have been developed to answer any questions you may have regarding the work of IfL and the potential impact on members

IfL press releases

Here you can find press releases on a range of topics that are relevant for individual members and the sector as a whole.