SET Corporate Partners FAQs

Is there a minimum number of memberships needed for an organisation to become a Corporate Partner?

Yes. For a college there is a minimum number of 50 memberships and for independent training providers and adult and community learning services there is a minimum of 25. **

What benefits do the staff of Corporate Partners receive?

An organisation becomes a Corporate Partner, however, the individual staff become SET members and enjoy all the same benefits as someone paying for themselves outside of a Corporate Partnership

Do Corporate Partner members set up their online profiles in the same way as individual paying members?

Yes. Membership runs exactly the same for the individual, it is their organisation, the Corporate Partner who gets additional benefits. Each individual still has to “Join” online, have access to the login area and should personalise their profile and select their Special Interest Digests.

What discounts are available to Corporate Partners?

Membership discounts:

  • When an organisation becomes a Corporate Partner, they get a discount on membership prices, a minimum of 38%*

ETF/Course discounts:

  • Each individual member can access 15% off selected ETF courses
  • 10% off some ETF courses, this offer is only available to Corporate Partners.

QTLS/ATS discounts:

  • If a Corporate Partner has a cohort of 6 or more staff enrolling on QTLS there are discounts available to them.
  • If they have a cohort of 4 or more staff enrolling on ATS there are discounts available to them

Enhance Digital Teaching Platform:

  • 50% off the Management Dashboard to track staff accessing free EdTech modules and resources