Conditions of SET Membership

In signing up for SET membership, you agree to the conditions of membership outlined below. SET reserves the right to amend these terms and conditions at any time. Members will be given 14 days’ notice by email of any changes.


Last updated: October 2020

1. Introduction

1.1. The conditions of membership exist to provide members with an overview of how their individual relationship with the Society for Education and Training (SET) works.

1.2. The conditions of membership are reviewed regularly.

1.3. These revised conditions came into effect on 13 October 2020 and supersede any previous Conditions of Membership.

1.4. Affiliates, Associates, Members and Fellows, referred to throughout the conditions of membership as "members", are members of SET, the professional body for teachers and trainers, and not members as defined by the Companies Act.

1.5. The goods and services provided by SET are available to current members whose membership subscription is up to date. Some of these goods and services may be made available to people who are not SET members for a fee. For the purposes of this policy, goods and services include anything purchased from SET. For detailed information on the individual costs of goods and services please refer to the relevant section of the SET website.


2. Eligibility

2.1. SET is an inclusive professional membership body for teachers, trainers, tutors and other professionals in roles related to teaching and learning (referred to throughout these conditions of membership as "teachers and trainers"), who may be Fellows, Members, Associates and Affiliates of SET. Others who are not professional teachers or trainers but who have an active interest in teaching and training may be Affiliates of SET. Members are awarded membership grades based upon their teaching and learning qualifications. Those who are working towards the award of a teaching or training qualification or who have an interest in the sector are welcome to participate as Affiliates.


3. Code of Practice

3.1. As a member of SET, you agree to abide by the provisions of the Code of Practice in force at the relevant time. A failure to abide by its provisions may lead to action being taken against you under SET’s membership procedures.

3.2. It is important that members provide accurate information at all times, especially during initial registration, renewal of membership and completion of a declaration of suitability. Any misleading information may be regarded as a breach of the Code of Practice. SET may refuse or delay registration or renewal if it needs to clarify information provided.

3.3. The Code of Practice sets out the professional behaviour and conduct expected of members of SET, including mandatory requirements which must be complied with to become and remain a member. It is a very important statement of what it means to be part of SET, and the levels of professionalism that are required or encouraged of all of our members.

3.4. Committing to the SET Code of Practice is a key part of becoming a member, and then remaining a member for subsequent years. SET also has procedures for reviewing membership applications using the Code or to consider information that may call into question a member’s suitability. We have designed these procedures so they are transparent and involve members in making decisions about others’ suitability, and then reviewing these decisions if necessary.

3.5. View the documents that make up the SET Code of Practice and procedures.


4. Data protection

4.1. SET is committed to comply with the GDPR. View Privacy Policy and a guide to the ways in which we process and hold data about members.

4.2. SET makes some information available to employers and other persons with a legitimate interest in its membership. This is in accordance with the GDPR and our privacy policy as previously outlined. SET will not give or sell individual member data to any third party, with the exception of providing de-personalised demographic data to analysts, researchers or other third parties.


5. Data security when using SET’s online resources

5.1. SET recognises the importance of membership data, and its website and other online resources comply with industry standard security levels. Members should take all reasonable steps to ensure that login details are secure and passwords are protected. Members should take extra precautions when accessing their account in a public space or on a shared computer to protect personal information.


6. Communications from SET

6.1. Members may opt in or out of marketing communications from SET or the ETF at any time during membership. You can opt out of email communications by clicking on the unsubscribe link in the email that is sent to you. To opt out of telephone and postal communication or to opt back into any form of communication, please email We are required to send you communications relating to the management of your membership, which do not contain marketing content.


7. Membership grades

7.1. There are four grades of membership:

7.1.1. Fellow

7.1.2. Member

7.1.3. Associate

7.1.4. Affiliate 

7.2. The membership grade criteria are based upon the award of teaching and training qualifications: see SET membership grades for further information. A member may transfer between membership categories at any time during their membership as long as they meet the criteria for the new membership category applied for.


8. Maintaining your membership record

8.1. Members should take all practical steps to keep membership records accurate and up to date including contact details, teaching and training qualifications, details of subjects taught, and employment details. This enables SET to keep members informed and to provide the best service possible, for example, regarding developments relating to teaching or training in their subject or vocational area.

8.2. You can add or amend your details at any time through the My SET Dashboard.


9. The membership year

9.1. The SET membership year runs between 1 April and 31 March. Membership subscriptions run from the date the subscription is purchased until the end of the current membership year. The membership period commences on 1 April each year for all members, regardless of when an individual first registered.

10. Membership fees

10.1. Membership fees are revised annually and members will be notified of any fee changes in writing via their subscription renewal notice. Membership fees and any fee changes are also published on the SET website.

10.2. Membership fees vary depending on the grade of membership as outlined in section 8 of these terms and conditions.

10.3. Concessionary rates are available to members who are on a low income. Information about concessionary rates can be found on the SET website. Members need to confirm their eligibility for concessionary rates in writing to


11. Payment methods

11.1. Credit and debit card

11.1.1. Credit and debit card payments can be made online or over the phone by contacting SET’s membership enquiries team on 0800 093 9111.

11.1.2. SET does not accept American Express, Diners Club or JCB.

11.1.3. There is no administration fee on credit card payments.

11.1.4. SET is Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) compliant. SET does not store your credit/debit card details on the website. This information is processed by Barclaycard. Never include card or payment details in emails to SET.

11.2. Direct Debit

11.2.1. A direct debit can be set up online or over the phone by contacting SET’s membership enquiries team on 0800 093 9111.

11.2.2. Direct debit payments are taken either annually or monthly. The size of the monthly payment Is a pro-rata of the annual direct debit payment. Full details of payment plans can be found on the SET website.

11.2.3. Members who pay by direct debit do not have to renew their membership each year. SET will continue taking subscription payments unless the member resigns. SET will inform you in writing that your membership is about to automatically renew at least ten days before it is due to do so.

11.2.4. It is the member’s responsibility to ensure that their direct debit details are up to date.

11.2.5. If three consecutive direct debit payments are unsuccessful your membership will lapse and you will no longer be able to access your membership benefits. We will write to you to inform you that your payment has been unsuccessful.

11.2.6. If your direct debit is cancelled we will write to you to give you the opportunity to reactivate it before lapsing your membership.

11.2.7. At least ten days before the full/first payment is taken, members will receive written notification of the direct debit payment schedule.

11.2.8. SET complies with the conditions of the direct debit guarantee which provides protection for members if an error is made in the collection of their direct debit.

11.3. Cheques

11.3.1. Cheques are no longer an accepted form of payment. All cheques will be returned to sender.

11.4. Employer invoices

11.4.1. When joining online, the member should register as normal, until the payment page. They should then email to request an invoice for the member’s membership fee. Do not make any other payment.

11.4.2. This email should include the following information: employer name and address, finance email address, purchase order number (if required by your employer) and your membership number.

11.4.3. The employer will be invoiced within 10 working days. Payment must be made by the employer by BACS within 30 days of the date of the invoice.

11.4.4. BACS payments should be made to:

Account Number: 53770737

Sort code: 20-00-00

Account Name: Edu and T Foundation

Bank: Barclays Bank

11.4.5. A remittance advice must be sent to SET stating the invoice number and membership number to which it relates in order to assist us in allocating monies to the correct account. Remittance advices may be submitted electronically to or posted to SET at the address below.

11.4.6. SET’s relationship is with you, the member. Therefore if your employer does not make payment in full to SET within 30 days of the date of the invoice, you will be asked to make immediate payment in full. It would then be for you to discuss ways for your employer to reimburse your fee payment as appropriate.


12. Non-payment of fees

12.1. Fees for the membership period are due for payment within 14 days of initial registration. In the case of renewals, payment is due by the last Thursday of April each year.

12.2. Membership subscription payments not received by this deadline will result in the membership being lapsed and all services will be suspended, including any right to designatory letters or to appear on the QTLS register.

12.3. If members are experiencing difficulties in paying membership fees or if they become aware of a reason why their payment will be late, they should contact the membership team at or on 0800 093 9111 to explain their position. SET is committed to supporting members and will assist where possible.

12.4. SET does not accept liability if payment is refused or declined by the credit/debit card supplier, for unsuccessful or cancelled direct debits, for unsuccessful cheque payment or non-payment of employer invoices.

12.5. Details of actions taken when a direct debit is unsuccessful or cancelled are in clauses 11.2.5 and 11.2.6 above.

12.6. You will receive a confirmation of your payment by email as well as an on-screen confirmation after payment has been received if you pay online.

12.7. Membership renewal for those using forms of payment other than direct debit is not automatic but is subject to receipt of payment as described above and remaining in good professional standing with SET.

12.8. Membership renewal for those paying by direct debit is automatic as per clause 11.2.3 above.

12.9. If a lapsed member chooses to reinstate their membership, they will be required to pay any outstanding fees. These fees will need to be paid at the point of reinstatement.

12.10. Members who continue to be in debt to SET at the end of the membership period will not be permitted to rejoin for the following year until the debt is settled in full.


13. Refunds

13.1. All payments are non-refundable.

13.2. In extenuating circumstances SET can exercise its discretion for refunds within 30 days of receipt of payment. Requests for a refund must be sent in writing to

13.3. SET will refund overpayments. It is the responsibility of the member to inform us if they have overpaid in writing to


14. Resignation

14.1. Any member can resign from membership by calling 0800 093 9111 or emailing

14.2. SET is under no obligation to refund any membership fee in the event of a member resigning from membership, as per part 13 of these terms and conditions above.

14.3. Members who hold Qualified Teacher Learning and Skills (QTLS) status can resign from membership. However they will no longer be able to use the designation QTLS and their details will not be included in the Professional Status Register.

14.4. Statutory instrument 2012 No. 431, which was laid in parliament on 9 March 2012, amended the Education (School Teachers' Qualifications) (England) Regulations 2003 so that holders of QTLS who are SET members are eligible to teach in schools on the same terms and conditions as those holding Qualified Teacher Status (QTS). More information about the parity between QTLS and QTS can be found on the SET website.

14.5. Members of SET who have QTLS status will appear on the QTLS register. Those whose membership lapses for any reason will be removed from the QTLS register and will not be entitled to hold a position working in a school as a qualified teacher.

14.6. Members who are undertaking or who have undertaken Professional Formation will also be bound by the terms and conditions for those who are undertaking or have undertaken Professional Formation leading to Qualified Teacher Learning and Skills (QTLS).


15. Feedback and complaints procedure

15.1. SET aims to serve its members effectively and fairly and member feedback is important. In the event of any feedback, complaint or grievance, members should contact SET’s membership enquiries team on 0800 093 9111 or at 

15.2. Where a formal complaint requires escalation, SET will follow the SET Complaints and Appeals Policy.


16. Behaviour towards our staff

SET members have a right to be heard, understood and respected. We work hard to be open and accessible to everyone and treat all customers fairly and impartially. We equally expect members to display courtesy and respect when dealing with our staff. We understand that members may at times feel frustrated or angry, and recognise that people may act out of character in times of trouble or distress. Our staff dealing with members strive to be sensitive to these responses and to be helpful in resolving matters.

We consider the behaviour described below to be unacceptable:

  • Aggressive or abusive behaviour: behaviour or language (whether verbal or written) that may cause staff to be or to feel offended, afraid, threatened or abused and may include physical violence, threats, personal verbal abuse, derogatory or discriminatory remarks, rudeness or serious allegations without any evidence.
  • Unreasonable demands: individual customers can make unreasonable demands on our resources by the nature and scale of the service they expect, e.g. repeatedly demanding responses within an unreasonable timescale, placing unreasonable conditions on staff, or vexatiously changing the exact nature of the complaint or issue they are raising or raising unrelated concerns. This behaviour diverts an unreasonable proportion of our financial and human resources away from our primary functions in serving the wider membership body. It can also be difficult and stressful for staff to deal with.
  • Unreasonable levels of contact: When a large number of calls or emails are received from the same person in one day, when a person repeatedly makes long telephone calls to us, or sends us repeat emails or copies of information that have been already sent or that are irrelevant to the substance of the complaint or enquiry. We consider that the level of contact has become unreasonable when the amount of time spent talking to an individual or responding to emails or written correspondence impacts on our ability to deal with the matter, or on our ability to carry out other core activities in serving the wider membership body.

Our staff have the right to make the decision to terminate a call which they consider to be aggressive, abusive or offensive. Where written communications are aggressive or abusive to staff, we will ask that the sender edit their correspondence to remove any offensive text and resend it, otherwise it will not be responded to.

Where contact from a member falls into any of the categories above, we may decide to restrict or cease contact with that member. Where this is the case we will inform the member of this decision and the reasons for it in writing. SET may choose to take action against the member under its membership procedures.


17. Additional terms for Student members

Student members of SET receive free membership for the duration of their initial teacher education qualification. See the full student terms and conditions.


18. Additional terms for Corporate Partner-funded members

Members who are funded by their employer under the SET Corporate Partner scheme will also have anonymised information on the use of SET resources shared with their employer, at department and institution level.