QTLS and ATS reasonable adjustments policy and procedure

1. Introduction

1.1 The Society for Education and Training (SET), which is part of the Education and Training Foundation (ETF) is committed to equality of opportunity and accessibility by supporting their members undertaking a professional development process (QTLS and ATS) to reach their full potential on programme.  

1.2 The purpose of this document is to ensure fair and equitable treatment of all participants who require reasonable adjustments in the professional formation process leading to QTLS and developmental process leading to ATS in line with the Equality Act 20101 


2. Scope and audience

2.1 This policy applies only to the provision of reasonable adjustments for any participant undertaking the developmental processes leading to QTLS and ATS. All other issues pertaining to members should be addressed using the appropriate ETF policies. 


3. Responsibilities

3.1 Participants

3.1.1 In order to support participants who intend to undertake Professional Formation leading to QTLS and the developmental process leading to ATS achieve their awards, members should disclose any requirement for reasonable adjustments at least one month before their programme is due to start, to enable the members of staff at ETF to work with you to organise relevant support efficiently and effectively. Disclosure will prompt a confidential conversation with a member of staff at ETF to ascertain individual needs and to ensure that relevant support is allocated in a fair, equitable, consistent and timely manner. 

3.1.2 Should your circumstances change during the programme, you must contact ETF at the earliest opportunity so that the team can support you. ETF will consider an application for reasonable adjustments on a case-by-case basis andmake every effort to support the individual in line with the requirements of the programme. 

3.2 ETF team

3.2.1 The ETF Team will endeavour to apply the support described in section 5.2 of this document in a timely, fair and consistent manner within each cohort and across cohorts. 


4. Data protection

4.1 ETF takes its responsibilities when processing your personal data extremely seriously. Our Privacy Notice and Cookie Policy explains how we collect, manage and protect your personal data.

4.2 ETF will ensure that the application for reasonable adjustments remains strictly confidential and is referred to for the sole purpose of making support arrangements. 


5. Reasonable adjustments procedures

5.1 Application for reasonable adjustments

5.1.1 In order to ensure that reasonable adjustments are fairly and consistently allocated and organised, participants undertaking Professional Formation, leading to QTLS, and the Professional Development process, leading to ATS are encouraged to disclose any additional needs at least one month before the programme commences by completing the reasonable adjustment request form and emailing it to membership@etfoundation.co.uk.

The ETF team will respond within 10 working days from the date when your form has been received. 

In order to support members effectively, we will discuss and aim to put in place reasonable adjustments before the programme commences.  

5.1.2 Should an individual’s circumstances change after the portfolio was issued, point 3.1.2 in this policy applies.

5.2 Types of reasonable adjustments 

5.2.1 Reasonable adjustments will be discussed with each participant, who will be able to indicate which type of support will best meet their individual needs. They might include, but are not restricted to: 

  • A 5-working day extension to the application submission deadline (QTLS and ATS) 
  • A 10-working day extension to the programme portfolio submission deadline.  
  • Support emails with a member of the ETF team: Two communications for QTLS programmes and three for ATS programmes. 
  • Portfolio accessibility links to tools and study strategies to support specific difficulties. 

5.2.2 Reasonable adjustments must ensure that participants undertaking QTLS and ATS have fair and reasonable access to the programmes to enable them to successfully achieve their developmental processes. 

5.3 Objections 

5.3.1 Participants may raise an objection against the support allocation outcomes following their application for reasonable adjustments by emailing: membership@etfoundation.co.uk  to request an objection form. This form must be completed within 10 working days of receiving the initial adjustment request outcome. The ETF team will then respond in writing within 10 working days. See the SET Objections Policy 


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