QTLS Terms and Conditions January 2021

Terms and conditions for those who are undertaking or have undertaken Professional Formation leading to Qualified Teacher Learning and Skills (QTLS) from January 2021.


Click here for Terms and Conditions for Qualified Teacher Learning and Skills (QTLS) starting October 2020

By registering for Professional Formation leading to Qualified Teacher Learning and Skills (“QTLS”), you accept and agree to be bound by these terms and conditions. SET reserves the right to amend these terms and conditions at any time. Members will be given 14 days’ notice by email of any changes.

1. Non-financial obligations

1.1  You must be a member of the Society for Education and Training (“SET”) to undertake Professional Formation leading to QTLS. You must also continue to maintain current membership post-award of QTLS to retain the status. As a member, you are therefore bound by SET’s  Code of Professional Practice and Conditions of Membership, which may be updated from time to time. 

1.2  Upon joining or renewing membership to SET and registering for Professional Formation leading to QTLS, you must confirm that you have read the Code of Professional Practice. Any undisclosed information may be regarded as a breach of the  Code of Professional Practice. SET may refuse or delay registration or renewal if it needs to clarify information provided. 

1.3  SET will provide all members undertaking Professional Formation leading to QTLS with an online portfolio, access to online guidance (knowledge base), support via the SET website and customer support through the Membership Enquiries team.

1.4  All Professional Formation (QTLS) applicants require a Supporter (“Supporter”). It is the member’s responsibility to find their own Supporter. More information about the role of the Supporter can be found on the SET website. 


2. Payment

2.1  The fee for undertaking the Professional Formation process leading to QTLS is £490.  

2.2  Fees can be paid by three methods:  

  1. Credit/Debit card or BACs – Payment is made in either one instalment of £490, or one instalment of £115 + £375 at registration (“Full Fee)
  2. Direct Debit single payment – Direct Debit payment made in one instalment of £490 at registration (“Full Fee”) 
  3. Direct Debit multiple payments - an initial payment of £115 (“Deposit Fee”) at registration followed by three consecutive payments of £125 (“Instalment Fees”). The instalments will normally be taken during the period of the QTLS submission with one payment per month starting from the initial payment date.

2.3. For those who have previously registered for QTLS, any time prior to 3 April 2018, we no longer accept the payment process of £100 deposit paid on registration and £385 paid on submission of the portfolio. If you believe this applies, please contact membership@etfoundation.co.uk to discuss a payment plan for a future period of Professional Formation. 

2.4  Payment by the individual can be made with a debit or credit card online or over the phone. Credit card payments do not incur an administration fee.  

2.5  The Deposit, Instalments, Full Fee and Administration Fee are non-refundable, except as per item 3.5 of these terms and conditions.  

2.6  Confirmation of payments will be sent to the member’s email address from membership@etfoundation.co.uk 


3. Registration

3.1  Expressions of interest can be submitted at any point, however, members can only register for Professional Formation in the month prior to the portfolio issue. There will be two cohorts a year, one commencing early October and one commencing in early January. This means that all QTLS registrants will be invited to make payment a month before the start date and all online portfolios will be made available on the cohort start date. 

3.2  It is the obligation and responsibility of the member to check that they are eligible to undertake Professional Formation, using the full eligibility guidance available on the SET website and ensure that they have access to the necessary certificates in advance of registration.  

3.3  Where a member is unsure of their eligibility, they must provide SET with complete and accurate information about how they meet all the eligibility criteria to enable a decision to be made. SET cannot be held responsible for the advice given if full information is not provided. 

3.4  Members registering to undertake Professional Formation are no longer required to submit a Declaration of Suitability, however, they must confirm that they have read the Code of Professional Practice during registration, as per item 1.2 in these terms and conditions. 

3.5  SET reserves the right to refuse a registration, for example, if there is evidence that the member is not eligible to undertake Professional Formation or if an individual is deemed unsuitable for membership under SET’s  Code of Professional Practice. This applies if the member is found not to be eligible prior to the portfolio being submitted for review.  

3.6. Confirmation of the registration will be sent to the member’s email address from membership@etfoundation.co.uk

3.7  QTLS participants have access to a ‘14 day cooling off period’, from the date the portfolio is officially issued, in which the participant can withdraw from Professional Formation leading to QTLS. Participants are entitled to a full refund of all fees in this case. After the 14 calendar day period, usual terms and conditions apply.  

3.8  Whilst SET will make every attempt to issue a portfolio to all participants on the portfolio issue date, it is the obligation and responsibility of the member to ensure that they have access to their portfolio. Members who cannot access their portfolio should contact technical@etfoundation.co.uk within the first 14 calendar days of the portfolio issue to ensure this is resolved.  

3.9  SET will be checking the eligibility of participants during the first month of the portfolio issue, therefore participants must have their qualification certificates uploaded, initial sections completed and submitted for the checkpoint, within the first 14 calendar days. If a member is found to not be eligible, they are entitled to a refund, as per 3.5 in the terms and conditions.   


4. Submission of your portfolio 

4.1  The submission deadline for Professional Formation leading to QTLS is determined by the registration window in which a member registered. Exact dates can be found on the SET website and are sent to the member via email upon registration. 

4.2  To submit their portfolio, members will need to have: renewed their SET membership, fully completed their portfolio, obtained their supporter statement, paid the full fee and shared their portfolio with SET via the ePortfolio platform. 

4.3  It is the member’s responsibility to ensure that they have provided all of the evidence required to meet the criteria for Professional Formation leading to QTLS as per the guidance on the SET website. Professional Formation portfolios are not monitored by SET for the duration of the programme. Members should utilise their supporter for support during the Professional Formation process.  

4.4  If a member has submitted their portfolio and, during the review and moderation process it is established they are not eligible to undertake Professional Formation, no refund will be given, as it is the obligation and responsibility of the member to ensure they are eligible before submitting their portfolio. 

4.5  If the member is unable to meet the submission deadline, item 5 of these terms and conditions applies. 

4.6  The details of awarded participants who remain current members of SET will be added to the publicly searchable Professional Status Register. The details include participants’ full name, membership number, membership type, membership status, and title of the Professional Formation programme awarded. To opt-out, participants are required to email membership@etfoundation.co.uk

4.7  After completing Professional Formation, you will need to remain a member of SET to maintain the currency of the QTLS status and its parity with QTS. 


5. Extension to the submission deadline

5.1  The Professional Formation leading to QTLS programme does not allow automatic extensions to the submission deadline. However, an extension to the submission deadline may be granted to a member under some exceptional circumstances that are out of their control. Requests for extensions must be requested before the submission deadline, as per 5.7 in our terms and conditions.  

5.2  Examples of exceptional circumstances applicable in item 5.1. 

  • 5.2.1 Serious ongoing technical issues beyond the members control and identified more than five working days before the submission deadline. 
  • 5.2.2 Illness, accident or severe trauma or an unexpected deterioration in an ongoing illness or chronic medical condition of the member or a person for whom the member has caring responsibility. Minor ailments and conditions that have prevented a member from submitting on time are allowable. 
  • 5.2.3 Recent bereavement of someone close to the applicant. 
  • 5.2.4 Serious personal disruption such as burglary, fire or requirement to appear in court in the lead up to the submission deadline. 
  • 5.2.5 Significant change of employment circumstances. 

5.3  SET may request evidence to substantiate a request for an extension. 

5.4  Any circumstances outside of those listed above will be considered on a case-by-case basis by SET. 

5.5  The length of the extension will be no more than three months after the original submission deadline and will be determined on a case-by-case basis. 

5.6  When an extension is granted, the portfolio will be reviewed at the next available review and moderation window.  

5.7  The member should apply for an extension ahead of the submission deadline by email to membership@etfoundation.co.uk, no later than six weeks before the deadline. When they have been prevented from submitting a request before the submission deadline by the same unforeseen event, they can apply for an extension up to five working days after the submission deadline. 

5.8  When a request for an extension is made before the submission deadline, efforts will be made by SET to respond to the request before that deadline, wherever possible. 

5.9  SET will consider the situation of members who do not submit their application with or without an extension in place on a case-by-case basis. 


6. Withdraw and restart

6.1  A member who is unable to make the extended deadline advised by SET must either withdraw their application (“Withdraw”) or receive a new portfolio (“Restart”). A Restart incurs an Administration Fee of £50. 

6.2  When a member receives a new portfolio, they are subject to the ‘extension to submission deadline set out in (5) above.  

6.3  Members who have Withdrawn can request to Restart during future registration windows, subject to payment of the Administration Fee as per item 6.1 of these terms and conditions. Where a Restart occurs because item 6.9 of these terms and conditions apply, the member will also have to pay any Balance Fee before submission of their new portfolio. 

6.4  Members whose portfolio does not meet the criteria will have the opportunity to add the additional evidence required and re-submit. Members can resubmit once free of charge. Detailed written feedback to support this will be given. 

6.5  The final deadline for re-submission will be 6 months after the release of results. Details of resubmission deadlines can be found on our website.  

6.6  A member can only resubmit their application once. If their portfolio does not meet the criteria after resubmission, item 6.9 of these terms and conditions will apply. 

6.7  Where a member cannot provide the additional evidence, fails to meet the resubmission deadline, remains criteria not met after resubmission, or if the portfolio more fundamentally fails to meet the criteria, SET will not be able to award QTLS. If the member wishes to obtain QTLS status they will have to restart their Professional Formation as per item 6.1 of these terms and conditions. 

  • 6.7.1 Where the review of a re-submitted portfolio returns a CNM (criteria not met) outcome, the participant will be advised to take a year to develop their practice before they are eligible to start their Professional Formation leading to QTLS for the third time. Starting for the third time will incur the full programme fee.  


6.8  Members are only able to Restart once for £50, any subsequent restarts will incur the full QTLS fee. 

6.9  Members who do not submit during a ‘Restart’ must wait one academic year before they can make a new application for Professional Formation leading to QTLS. 

6.10  If there are concerns about a member's suitability arising from their submission for Professional Formation (for example an allegation of plagiarism) and no decision as to whether or not to award QTLS has yet been made, the Membership Procedures will apply and a decision as to whether or not to award QTLS will be deferred until the conclusion of the Membership Procedures

6.11  If a member disagrees with the decision not to award QTLS, they should write to SET for the attention of the Head of Professional Status within 10 working (business) days of receiving the decision from SET with a clear explanation as to why this is the case, including any relevant background information. This should be sent to membership@etfoundation.co.uk. SET will respond in writing within 5 working days of receiving the member’s email explaining the review decision.  The policy can be found here

6.12  If the member still disagrees with the decision, they can request an appeal by forwarding to the Head of Professional Status in writing their grounds for appeal within 10 working days of receiving SET’s explanation. These will be considered by the QTLS Registrar, Head of Professional Status and Director of Membership and if it is agreed by them that there are sufficient grounds for further discussion, an appeals panel will be convened. The panel will comprise the QTLS Registrar, member(s) of the SET Board and at least two members of SET Management Board. The purpose of the appeals meeting will be to ensure that in reaching its decision in relation to the member, SET is acting in a fair and transparent manner. The member lodging the appeal will not be required to attend the panel meeting but will be invited to submit any further information for consideration. The member will be informed of the outcome within three working days of the panel meeting being held. The panel can decide to either uphold the original decision or overturn the original decision and grant QTLS status. The policy can be found here.  

6.13  Where a decision has been made not to award QTLS and, prior to the determination of any appeal under clauses 6.11 and 6.12 above (the appeal procedures), a member is subject to proceedings under the Membership Procedures: Actions against members policy, the appeal procedures will not have an effect until a final decision is made to take no action against the member. If it is held that the member is guilty of breaching the Code of Practice, then the member will need to apply to restart the process of Professional Formation. That will not be possible until, in the event that they are removed as a member of SET, they are readmitted; or, in the event that they are suspended, that suspension comes to an end and they are entitled to resume normal membership. 


7. Suspension and removal of QTLS status

7.1  QTLS participants are subject to the SET Conditions of Membership and Membership policies and as such if SET considers that the information received may give rise to a concern about a member's suitability to hold QTLS status, it may consider that issue at the same time.