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Conditions of membership

Conditions of membership

In signing up for SET membership to demonstrate your commitment to excellent teaching and continuous professional development, you agree to the conditions of membership outlined below.


1. Preliminary

The conditions of membership exist to provide members with an overview of how their individual relationship with the Society for Education and Training (SET) works.

The conditions of membership are reviewed regularly and this version brings into one place a number of conditions previously published in separate documents.

The revised conditions came into effect on 3 November 2014 for the membership period through to 31 March 2015 and have been extended to 31 March 2017.

Companions, Affiliates, Associates, Members and Fellows, referred to throughout the conditions of membership as "members", are members of SET, the professional body for teachers and trainers and not members as defined by the Companies Act. 

2. Eligibility

SET is an inclusive professional membership body for teachers, trainers, tutors and other professionals in teaching and learning roles (referred to throughout these conditions of membership as "teachers and trainers"), who may be Fellows, Members, Associates and Affiliates of SET. Others who are not professional teachers or trainers but who have an active interest in teaching and training may be Companions of SET. Members are awarded membership grades based upon their teaching and learning qualifications. Those who are working towards the award of a teaching or training qualification or who have an interest in the sector are welcome to participate as Affiliates or Companions.

3. Code of professional practice

As a member of SET, you agree to abide by the provisions of the Code of professional practice in force at the relevant time. A failure to abide by its provisions may lead to action being taken against you under SET’s membership procedures.

4. Data protection

SET is committed to comply with the Data Protection Act 1998 and our data code, privacy policy and a guide to the ways in which we process and hold data about members is available here.

SET makes some information available to employers and other persons with a legitimate interest in its membership. This is in accordance with the Data Protection Act and our privacy policy as previously outlined. SET will not give or sell individual member data to any third party, with the exception of providing de-personalised demographic data to analysts, researchers or other third parties.

5. Data security when using SET’s online resources

SET recognises the importance of membership data, and its website and other online resources comply with industry standard security levels. Members should take all reasonable steps to ensure that login details are secure and passwords are protected. Members should take extra precautions when accessing their account in a public space or on a shared computer to protect personal information.

6. Communications from SET

Members may opt in or out of most communications from SET at any time during membership. 
We will continue to send you information on essential member communications, and you can select how you wish to receive these.

7. Information provided

It is important that members provide accurate information at all times, especially during initial registration, renewal of membership and completion of a declaration of suitability. Any misleading information may be regarded as a breach of the Code of professional practice. SET may refuse or delay registration or renewal if it needs to clarify information provided.

The Code of Practice sets out the professional behaviour and conduct expected of members of the Society for Education and Training (SET), including mandatory requirements which must be complied with to become and remain a member. It is a very important statement of what it means to be part of SET, and the levels of professionalism that are required or encouraged of all of our members.

Committing to the SET Code of Practice is a key part of becoming a member, and then remaining a member for subsequent years. SET also has procedures for reviewing membership applications using the Code or to consider information that may call into question a member’s suitability. We have designed these procedures so they are transparent and involve members in making decisions about others’ suitability, and then reviewing these decisions if necessary.

You can view the documents that make up the SET Code of Practice and procedures by clicking here.

8. Membership grades

There are five grades of membership:

  • Fellow
  • Member
  • Associate
  • Affiliate 
  • Companion

The membership grade criteria are based upon the award of teaching and training qualifications. See SET membership grades.

9. Maintaining your membership record

Members should take all practicable steps to keep membership records accurate and up to date including contact details, teaching and training qualifications, details of subjects taught, and employment details. This enables SET to keep members informed and to provide the best service possible, for example, developments relating to teaching or training in their subject or vocational area.

You can add or amend your details at any time through My SET.

10. Payment of membership fees

Fees for the membership period are due on 30 April and failure to pay will result in loss of benefits and services. Payment can be made online using a debit or credit card, direct debit or by cheque.

Membership fees must be paid within six weeks of initial registration or renewal.

If you have set up a Direct Debit with SET, your subscription fees for 2017-2018 onwards will be collected automatically.  There will be no need to set up a new one each year - we will continue taking subscription payments unless you tell us that you wish to resign from membership.  Direct Debit payments will be collected starting on or around 1 April and instalments will continue on or around the first of each month to 1 March each year.

11. Renewing membership

The membership period for 2016-17 commences 1 April 2016. Membership is due for renewal on or by 30 April and it is not dependent on the date an individual member first registered.

Membership renewal is not automatic but is subject to:

  • Receipt of payment for the annual membership fee within six weeks of the date of renewal or confirmation that this will be met by a third party (employer)
  • Remaining in good professional standing through an annual commitment to continuing professional development (CPD) (excluding Companions).

Members will be invited to renew membership at least six weeks before the due date and will be contacted by email with guidance on how to complete the process. Members are advised to have payment details to hand when renewing membership.

12. Resignation and lapsing of membership

Members who resign or who allow their membership to lapse are able to their resume membership at any time in the membership year. Members who resume membership after resigning or allowing membership to lapse will be subject to the criteria in place at the time of re-joining including membership grades and any conditions for the resumption of professional status.

(a) Resignation

Any member can resign from membership by calling 0800 093 9111 (free number).

SET is under no obligation to refund any membership fee in the event of a member resigning from membership. Further information on refunds is outlined in SET’s membership subscription policy (PDF, 293KB).

(b) Lapsing

Members who have not renewed their membership by 30 April will be sent at least one email reminder. If a member has not renewed their membership by 31 May, their membership status will automatically change to ‘lapsed’.

(c) Members with Qualified Teacher Learning and Skills (QTLS) teaching in maintained schools

QTLS status is conferred by SET on successful completion of professional formation. Holding QTLS status to be recognised as qualified to teach in schools is conditional on members remaining in good professional standing through the annual commitment to continuing professional development (CPD) and adherence to the Code of professional practice. These conditions are met through SET membership.

(d) Reinstatement

Members who resign may reinstate their membership if the conditions in section 10 (above) are met. Members who resign and wish to reinstate their membership in a subsequent membership period may do so, subject to them meeting membership conditions in place at the point of re-registration.

13. Membership cards

Membership cards remain the property of SET and should not be used improperly. They are not intended as a means of identification. They do not give the bearer any authority to act or speak on behalf of SET. Should a member leave membership for any reason SET expects any membership card to be returned as soon as possible.

In signing up for SET membership, you agree to the conditions of membership.