TeacherMatic affiliation

Through affiliation with SET, TeacherMatic, an AI tool to help you reduce your workload, is available to use at a discount for SET members and Corporate Partners.

What is TeacherMatic and how can it help me?

TeacherMatic is an intuitive AI powered platform, created by educators for educations. It’s designed to help teachers and trainers reduce their workload, improve productivity and maintain a better work/life balance by providing supporting tools.

TeacherMatic tools include a wide range of AI generators that create essential materials for educators. From lesson plans and quizzes, to learning activities, schemes of work and plenaries, TeacherMatic can support with it all.

During development, over 300 educators contributed to TeacherMatic, and their invaluable insights have created a tool that can both lighten workload and elevate the quality of teaching practice. A survey of users showed an average weekly time saving of 3.8 hours carrying out everyday tasks.


What is the SET discount?

We’re delighted to offer SET members an exclusive discount for new TeacherMatic users. Individual SET members can access a 10% discount on both the Standard and the Professional price plans, and SET Corporate Partners can access a 10% discount on an organisational licence*.

*Discounts are available for new users, and for the first year of use only.


How can I access the discount?

As an individual member, you can access this exclusive benefit of SET Membership by:

  • navigating to TeacherMatic using the 'TeacherMatic platform' button below
  • adding the price plan of your choosing to your basket
  • using the discount code available on this page that shows when you are logged in as a SET member.

For an organisational licence, please let TeacherMatic know that you are a SET Corporate Partner.

Teacher helping a student at a desk with a computer

Access the TeacherMatic platform

View the platform and make use of the SET discount code below the button.

Note: Can't see the code below? The discount code will only show if you are are a current SET member, and are logged in to this site.

Teachermatic platform

Please note: TeacherMatic are the data controller for this affiliation and by engaging with them you do so in agreement with the TeacherMatic Privacy Policy for the purposes of collecting, sharing and retaining their personal data.