The My SET dashboard

We are pleased to welcome you to the My SET dashboard which offers a range of exciting features. When you log in you will be taken to your own personalised dashboard that will act as your homepage. From here you can still change your details, add qualifications and special interests as well as access the features outlined below.

My SET dashboard

Dashboard1 Numbered

  1. Member information panel showing your key membership details.
  2. Member status area with information about your membership grade and a link to your own digital pin, which you can use on your CV and online profiles.
  3. Special interests digest with a list of your chosen special interests and links to related content. If you haven’t already selected any special interests you can do so by clicking the link in the right-hand menu.
  4. My professional development progress provides a summary of your development progress with a link to the more detailed My professional development dashboard.
  5. News & Feeds present regularly updated news from SET, ETF and the sector.
  6. My professional development links to the more detailed professional development dashboard.

My professional development dashboard



7. CPD process overview is a resource to help you to engage with your professional development in an active way, by promoting on-going development, with an emphasis on professional discussions with your peers to support the development of your skills and knowledge. The four stage process includes self-assessment, planning, recording your CPD and refection on the effectiveness of what you have done and its impact on your development.

8. Self-assessment provides access to our self-assessment tool to assess yourself against the professional standards.

9. CPD record shows how many hours of CPD activity you have undertaken and how you have rated those activities. The number of hours will be generated from the information you provide when you add activities.

10. Add activity allows you to add a CPD activity and to evaluate how useful it has been to you and your practice.

We are piloting these dashboards and welcome your feedback so please email us with any comments to: with the subject 'Dashboard feedback'. We'll also be adding further features later in the year so share your thoughts and ideas with us on what you would like to see. You'll notice that the 'My professional development progress' list doesn't 'tick' when you have completed items, but that feature will be coming soon.

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