InTuition taster: Share your ambitions with your employer

I recently heard that about half of employees know how they would like to develop their careers, and that a good proportion of them believe that this involves leaving their current employer, writes Donna Lucas.

Donna Lucas For Career Spotlight ColumnIt always surprises me that staff are reticent to discuss their career ambitions with their managers, particularly when it might take them away to a new role elsewhere.

Employers know there is a connection between your perception of your opportunities for career growth and the likelihood of you staying with them.

So, by sharing your ambitions, you are providing your employer with an opportunity to consider how they can develop your potential. As a result, you may be surprised by the doors that open and the opportunities that follow.

Don’t take it for granted that your managers know about your ambitions and talents. In busy environments such information can go unnoticed, so talk to them about what you have to offer.

Roles evolve and great employees shape roles to suit their strengths. Organisations are changing, so demonstrating you can adapt to new challenges and the changing environment will improve your career opportunities.

Most employers will advise you on the career development options available, and they may well be prepared to support your professional development financially, or provide time and mentoring as part of your journey.

I was recently sent the link to a career blog of one teacher. It clearly set out their goals, the areas of development they were working on and, when they had attended training courses, it detailed what they had learnt, how it impacted on their students and how it had enhanced their practice.

It even shared insights into posts they had applied for and feedback they had received. It gave the reader a clear view of how seriously this teacher took their practice and their efforts to enhance their career. It was brilliant.

Donna Lucas is group vice-principal, HR and professional development at the Shrewsbury Colleges Group and chairs the Association of College’s West Midlands HR Network. Donna is a Member of SET and the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development.

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