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How to lead when you’re not in charge

21 November 2019

If you work in FE Colleges or you’re involved with further education in a local authority or through a charity, you want the young people you support to have the best experience they can possibly have.

Neurodiversity - difference not difficulty

10 October 2019

The term neurodiversity describes the different ways brains function and develop a variety of skills, abilities, ways of thinking and also challenges, writes Kath Wood.

Lifelong learning, social justice and chocolate

24 July 2019

Human trafficking, drug addiction and domestic violence – these were just some of the experiences that the learners leading the workshops at Fircroft College had survived, writes Teresa Carroll.

Was the completion of ATS really worth all the bother, hassle and late nights?

08 July 2019

David Smith, an educator in the Police and one of the first cohort of individuals to attain ATS in 2018, reflects on the process and what his achievement has meant for him, his colleagues and his organisation.

The ETF’s Enhance Digital Teaching Platform continues to hit milestones and evolve

11 June 2019

Vikki Liogier, Head of Learning Technologies at the ETF, provides an update on the Enhance Digital Teaching Platform.

Advocating FE; advocating SET

11 June 2019

Just over a year ago, I joined SET. I’d been having a difficult time, working part-time out in the community, rarely walking onto college premises and feeling quite isolated, writes Kerry Scattergood.

How FE practitioners are using evidence to improve learner outcomes

22 May 2019

The ETF's Outstanding Teaching, Learning and Assessment (OTLA) programme has been providing practitioners in the FE sector with the time and space to undertake action research since 2015.

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