Khorshed Bhote, Professional Development Research Project

Khorshed Bhote is Head of Staff Professional Development at The City Literary Institute.  In 2014-15 Khorshed took part in the Education and Training Foundation’s Practitioner Research Programme, delivered in partnership with emCETT (The East Midlands Centre for Excellence in Teacher Training).

Khorshed’s research project was entitled “A blended approach to professional development of experienced teachers: a case study”.

Professional Development (PD) has been of particular interest to me ever since I completed my stage 1 training many moons ago.  My teacher trainer inspired me with her attitude towards teaching as an agile and continuously evolving profession.  Ever since I have never stopped updating my practice and consider myself very fortunate to be responsible for PD and teacher education at the City Lit, one of the largest Adult and Community Learning colleges in Central London.  It is said, we can learn a lot from our children, well, I say we can learn a lot from our teachers.  Therefore, I have always considered PD to be more effective when informed by the intrinsic motivations of our teachers rather than an enforced requirement.  With this in mind, I have recently researched and piloted a flexible approach to PD, focussing on the many experienced teachers at City Lit, who deliver inspiring, niche courses which inspire our students.  The results of the Accreditation of Prior Experiential Learning (APEL) project at the City Lit have been encouraging, especially as it enabled the participants to feel empowered and ‘professionalised’.   During this project we also realised that PD is attractive when teachers self-determine the areas they need to develop/improve and when the training provided is flexible and bite-size.  Full details of the research and an opportunity to access some of the micro-learning resources on our Google site (a work in progress), are available at this link: City Lit APEL project

Khorshed Bhote
Head of Staff Professional Development, City Lit

You can find a link to  Khorshed’s research poster here

You can see Khorshed presenting her project at The Foundation’s 2015 annual research conference here.

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