Career focus

Legal advice and support as a teacher or trainer

25 March 2018

Understanding your employment rights in the Further Education (FE) and Training sector is crucial if you are being treated unfairly or missing out on benefits you are entitled to.

Working in the Further Education sector

26 February 2018

Whether you are new to the sector, returning or want to change direction, the Further Education (FE) sector is vast and offers a number of opportunities to work in different roles and working environments.

Career paths in Further Education and Training

22 January 2018

Discover range of job roles involved in FE and training and how you can develop new responsibilities, specialise, move into a different part of the sector or progress into management.

Becoming a middle manager in the FE sector

08 November 2017

As an experienced first line manager or senior teacher, you may be looking to progress your career and move into a middle management role. But how can you make the leap and balance teaching and management?

Dealing with redundancy

01 June 2017

Facing redundancy and unsure where to go for support or what to do next? Find out more about your employment options and legal rights.

Becoming a senior leader

24 May 2017

Advice on how to get a senior role in teaching and training and where to access further resources to help you progress your career.

Becoming a first line manager

11 May 2017

Find out more about the skills needed to become a first line manager.

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