Fellows offered opportunity to curate InTuition Research supplement

The Society for Education and Training (SET) is looking for an individual or collaborative group with a deep understanding and knowledge of research across the Further Education (FE) sector to curate content for a research facing supplement published in 2019.

The supplement will be issued alongside SET's membership journal, inTuition, which publishes regular supplements focusing on areas of interest to the FE teaching community.

The individual will need to be able to source research work from a range of sources, including, but not limited to:

  • Peer-reviewed journals in FE and vocational teaching from around the world
  • Practitioner-led research within the English sector and other comparable sectors around the world
  • Research from other educational settings with a clear interest to or impact on those teaching in the FE sector and subsidiaries.

It is expected that those who have been supported by SET and the Education and Training Foundation (ETF) to undertake research will be given an opportunity to publish a digest of their work alongside findings of wider academics. SET may consider commissioning original pieces of work for the supplement; however, this would need to be discussed before any work is agreed.

Audience and content 

The expectation is that the work curated will be suitable for a wider audience of practitioners, and may require the curator writing digest articles with links to the originating research. Whilst academic rigour is essential, a voice that brings the learning to an audience un-used to academic work without removing the depth and complexity would be welcomed. This could potentially be through ‘what does this mean?’ paragraphs after each digest, as well as ‘how to’ short pieces relating to use of what the research has found.

Some over-arching theme or focus will be necessary, one which has resonance with current practice. Potential suggestions include:

  • Perspectives on change in education, and the impact this has on teachers and teaching
  • International learning relating to post-16 and adult education that has relevance to SET members
  • Application of recent teaching research from schools settings into post-16 and adult education (for example, contextualising developments in educational neuroscience).

Alternative suggests would be welcomed, to be negotiated with the editor of inTuition, and may reference other wider SET/ETF research activity, for example the work on 'Art, Craft or Science' currently being developed. The curator will have substantial control over academic content and shape, in negotiating with the editor and the SET team.

A layout and content guide will be supplied by the editor and design team to support the curation of this research. All full-length research pieces are to be available either to load to the SET digital platform for interested parties, or hyperlinked to the original article.

Copyright issues and necessary rights payments are to be raised in a timely manner for decisions to be made regarding purchase or otherwise of articles. All copyright will be considered to rest with the originating author, and permission will be assumed to have been sought by the curator for any digest or edited versions of the articles. 

Timeline for the production of the supplement

  • End of September: Appointment of curator.
  • Early October: inception meeting to discuss requirements with SET team and the editor of InTuition.
  • Early January: Final copy sent to the editor of InTuition.


Maximum fee available: £10,000

Credit will be given to the individual/institution/department who leads this work as required. It will be acceptable for the individual to work with a small group, but the contract will be issued to one individual Fellow.

How to apply

Please download the guidance document and send your application to membership.communications@etfoundation.co.uk no later than 30 September. 

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