World Mental Health Day 2019: Supporting teachers and learners with mental health

The Society for Education and Training (SET), the membership body for the Education and Training Foundation (ETF), is supporting World Mental Health Day, 10 October, 2019.

World Mental Health Day 2019

Additionally, SET has announced that at this year's SET Conference 2019 (6 November), the Education Support Partnership will be hosting a breakout session showcasing the findings from recent research into the mental health of people working in the Further Education sector. More than 1,000 SET members contributed to the research via survey and focus groups. 

To find a range of resources for professionals in the Further Education and Training Sector available across the SET and ETF website, please view the following links: 

Focus on learners' mental health: 

  • Article: Supporting learners' mental health in further education and skillswith students increasingly struggling with mental illness, this article looks at how colleges and further education providers can raise awareness and address mental health difficulties.
  • Webinar: Supporting learners' with mental health needswebinar aiming to support members who are working with learners and apprentices with mental health needs. It looks at how teachers and trainers can: support the declaration of mental health needs and enable learners to talk about their mental health; support learners with mental health needs in the classroom and in work placement; get support for themselves and develop their own professional practice in supporting learners with mental health needs.

For more information on mental health and wellbeing, please visit the Education and Training Foundation (ETF) website.

You can also find infomation and advice fron our partners: The Education Support Partnership, along with Mind, and Mental Health at Work.

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