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Local networking events

Local networking events

This year we will be holding our first local network events for SET members. These events give our members the opportunity to meet and collaborate with others in their area. Members will be able to share good practice, network and identify opportunities to work together.

These events will be driven by our members and supported by the SET membership team.

Find out more about the upcoming SET network events.

Purpose of SET local member network events

Through supporting members to set up local member network groups, we hope to:

  • Enable SET members to develop and maintain strong local networks
  • Promote and facilitate a positive culture for practitioner-led professional development
  • Stimulate educational research and development activities across a wide range of sectors
  • Provide a forum for practitioners to identify, celebrate and consolidate good practice and member achievements
  • Promote and share activities and achievements with the wider SET community
  • Raise awareness and contribute to the development of SET

Setting up a group in your area

If you are interested in setting up a group in your area, please email us you name, membership number and the area where you’d like to set up a group to:


Are you unable to attend network events or do you want to continue your conversations after the events?

Talk to your fellow members online in the SET forums.