ATS Experiences

Hear from previous participants about their experiences of the Advanced Teacher Status (ATS) programme.

Ecaterina Bright

Ecaterina Bright works at Haringey Adult Learning Service (HALS) as a Senior Tutor/ICT where she teaches Level 1 and Level 2 IT user skills courses. She explains how the research project she carried out as part of her ATS journey has not only led to boosting her learner’s employability skills, but has strengthened her own skills and teaching competencies.

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Peter Saban

Peter Saban is the Hostage Negotiator Development Manager in the Avon and Somerset Constabulary. Peter explains how completing Advanced Teacher Status (ATS) gave him added confidence in his teaching style and fulfilled his yearning for a new challenge.

My ATS experience: Peter Saban

Leona So

Leona So reflects on her "rollercoaster" ATS journey and the positive impact it had on her learners and subsequent promotion.

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Dave Shurmer

Dave Shurmer explains how Advanced Teacher Status (ATS) inspired him to take a new path in his career and step out of his comfort zone to challenge the norm.

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Katie Wilden

Katie Wilden explains how she believes she wouldn’t be doing the job she is doing now if it wasn’t for achieving ATS.

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Natalie Morris

Natalie Morris explains how the experience of gaining ATS has already started to have an impact on her organisation.

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Penny Taylor

Penny Taylor explains how completing ATS has changed her outlook as a practitioner and given her the boost to develop herself even further.

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Phil Green

Phil Green explains why the research project he undertook as part of his ATS journey was such a success, for both himself and his colleagues.

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Stacy Vipas

Stacy Vipas explains how the ATS process was about her learning in the first instance, and then putting that into practice and building it into a teaching and learning strategy for the rest of her organisation.

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Helen Wood

Helen Wood explains how completing ATS enabled her to adopt a more external facing outlook, as well as helping improve her resilience and self-confidence.

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Gloria Diabour

Gloria Diabour talks about how her ATS journey has helped her re-gain the confidence she felt she had lost over the years, while inspiring her to give her learners a more interactive and fun learning experience.

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