The Society for Education and Training (SET) attracts a vibrant community of practitioners in further education and training to its member-only Facebook groups to discuss and share effective practice and current issues affecting the sector.

There are five Facebook groups (closed) SET members can join, including:

1. SET Group

Our SET Group is the main community space for members to discuss a range of key sector issues, share resources and discuss how SET can support you as practitioners in further education and training.

2. QTLS Group

This group has been set up for SET members who are seeking advice and shared experiences of undertaking Qualified Teacher Learning and Skills (QTLS) – the badge of professionalism for post-16 education and training. 

3. SET Webchats Group: Visit the SET webchat section to view upcoming and past webchats

This group has been set up for SET members who wish to take part in live webchats. Find out about upcoming webchats and have the opportunity to quiz industry experts on a range of topics to help you progress your career in further education and training. An edited version of our live webchats will be available to SET members within a week of the webchat taking place. 

4. SET Local Network Groups

Our local network Facebook group gives SET members the opportunity to meet and collaborate with others in their area. Members will be able to share good practice and achievements, network and identify opportunities to work together. The online network complements face-to-face local network events, which take place at different venues across the country. 

5. ATS Group

This group has been set up for practitioners undertaking Advanced Teacher Status (ATS) – the badge of advanced professionalism and mastery in further education and training.

What is a closed group?

A closed Facebook group is visible to anyone wishing to search for it (unlike a ‘secret’ group); however, you will only see the content and post to the group page once your request to join has been accepted. We have set the rules so you can’t add other people – instead, please send them the link and ask them to request to join (it will also help if they email or message the SET team their membership number so we can keep an eye out for it). We will then check their membership details to make sure their SET membership is still active.

If you post to a SET group your Facebook friends won’t be able to see your posts – unless they are also a member of the group. This only happens with ‘open’ Facebook groups.

View SET's Closed Facebook Group Rules.

How to participate

To join a Facebook Group you need to have a Facebook profile. We understand there are some practitioners who would prefer not to use their personal account to discuss work-related issues. Here are two options you may want to consider: 

  • Use your personal profile, but make your profile picture and all posts on your timeline set to ‘friends only’. Front cover images can only be set to public, whereas your profile image can be set to friends only. You can also change your settings so people can't add you as a friend.
  • Set up a separate profile on Facebook using a different email account. This way you can choose to use a work photo - or not use a photo at all. Your profile can be as simple as you like and simply used just for joining these sorts of CPD online events. 

If you have any problems setting up a secure Facebook account or registering for an event, please email us at if you experience any problems. We can also help you set up a secure Facebook account, if you would like help with this. 

Face-to-face communities

We complement our online community with opportunities for SET members to build networks in their own regional areas with support from SET. For more on this and to find the latest networking events, please visit our networking events page.

If you are not already a member please take this opportunity to join SET by completing the new member join form.

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