SET webchats are a live online-only event (no audio), which are hosted via our Facebook webchat group. 

Transcript: ATS - your questions answered

22 November 2018

Join Head of QTLS and ATS, Patricia Odell, for an hour-long live webchat on everything you need to know about Advanced Teacher Status (ATS).

Transcript: QTLS - your questions answered

25 October 2018

Head of QTLS and ATS, Patricia Odell, and Operations Manager Teresa Thomas, hosted our live webchat, answering questions from SET members who have registered for QTLS and wanted to find out more about the process.

Transcript: ATS - your questions answered

19 July 2018

Have you already got your QTLS status and are looking for your next challenge to take you a step further in your career? Read the transcript for the live webchat where we answer your questions on ATS.

Transcript: Mindfulness for learners and practitioners

26 April 2018

Autumn Totton and Emily Mitchell from The Mindfulness Project, answer your questions and offer tips on how to practise mindfulness or introduce it into a learning environment.

Transcript: Supporting deaf or vision impaired young people in FE

21 February 2018

Martin McLean from the National Deaf Children’ Society and Jude Thompson, a qualified teacher of vision impairment, answer your questions about how to support young people with sensory impairment.

Transcript: QTLS - your questions answered

12 December 2017

Head of QTLS and ATS, Patricia Odell, Operations Manager Teresa Thomas, and QTLS Administrator Lewis Dan, answered the following questions for SET members who have recently registered for QTLS.

Transcript: Discussing all things QTLS

07 May 2017

Read the full transcript of the live webchat discussing all things QTLS.

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