Edited webchat: 27 February - Using the free ETF Enhance Digital Teaching Platform

Following the launch of the ETF’s Enhance Digital Teaching Platform, two of the team behind the free online training service explain more about the bite-size training modules and how you can gain digital achievement badges.

This one-hour live webchat was hosted by Vikki Liogier, Head of Learning Technologies, and Dawn Buzzard, Learning Technology Adviser, at the Education and Training Foundation (ETF).

Are you unsure about how to use the platform and how it can benefit your teaching and training practice? Do you want to know more about the ETF’s Digital Teaching Professional Framework, which provides the backbone of the service and sets out a common understanding of digital skills development in the sector?

Vikki and Dawn explain how to get the most out of the new service and how you can become part of a community of practice giving and gaining support from your peers.

How do I provide feedback on the published modules?

You can use the feedback form on the Enhance platform or rate a module when you complete it and leave a comment. We are in the process of developing an organisational dashboard to strengthen support with staff digital capability development. The Dashboard will be launched in its Beta version end of March 2019. Would your organisation be interested in taking part in the pilot? If so, do contact us.

Do you have any tips for using tech with mature learners?

Take your time and take things slowly and only introduce one app at a time. Enhance is our new platform hosting a series of microlearning modules designed to focus on how to use Ed Tech for Teaching and Learning. Its pedagogically-focused and shows how you might use tech in different lessons. You can find out more about the modules either by watching the introductory walkthrough video.

I mainly teach travel and tourism and want to find out more about Enhance. I have watched the introductory video. How can it benefit the subject I teach? A lot of the modules I teach are hands-on practical work, such as creating a display board of travel and tourism destinations. How can I incorporate Enhance?

Enhance is going to give you ideas of how to adapt your pedagogic approaches to better embed EdTech. The practices are shared from the sector. EdTech should always enhance a learning aim. If you are asking students to create a poster, do you use any tech to create or is it cut and paste on paper?

  • You could try Cava – my students love it.
  • Smore works well as a collaborative tool too, so students can be organised in pairs and small group. and devise a poster and newsletter to a given target audience for a specific tour or visit.
  • Google Expeditions and Google Earth can help them experience the various locations.
  • Thanks so much for your suggestions. Can't believe I never thought of Google Earth before, I will be reminding my colleagues about that!

How have you mapped your edtech development and module completion back to the framework?

Each module is mapped to the Digital Teaching Professional Framework seven competencies and three stages.

When will additional modules be added?

Modules are being added on a regular basis. There are now 40 pilot modules available, and further modules will follow next year after the pilot.

Will the platform be commercialised in the future?

The platform and the modules will remain free for individuals. We will later add a dashboard for organisations.

What are the benefits of registering and creating an account?

A: You can see and use the modules without registering and creating an account. You will need to register and create an account:

  1. for My Learning to create and update a record of the modules, which you have completed
  2. rate individual modules and provide feedback on them (trip advisor style)
  3. to earn Badges which will evidence your professional development
  4. to be able to receive Badges by email, when earned
  5. to create your personal profile
  6. to receive recommendations for which modules to engage in next
  7. to provide feedback to us and to participate in the Enhance Community of Professional Learning, whereby we can share needs, experiences, ideas and progress our development together
  8. to optionally receive information on services and products from the Education and Training Foundation (ETF).

Anyone using a VLE might find the two links below helpful...

Why are the modules so short?

They are designed to give you just enough information on a 'just in time' basis. The further resources give you access to lots of further information to explore when you have more time. Alternatively you can try one of our Foundation Online Learning Courses if you want more training.

- I like the philosophy people access information as required now. How often do we all use Google and YouTube for an answer or reminder?

- That's the concept behind our design, short, accessible and easy to digest.

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