Bursaries and funding

This page outlines the Government Bursaries and incentives available for those training to teach in Further Education (FE). 

For further information and application details please visit the FE Advice funding page, contact feadviceline@etfoundation.co.uk or call 0300 303 1877.

FE Initial Teacher Training (ITT) Bursaries

The FE ITT Bursary is a financial incentive to attract and retain new graduates to become teachers in the FE sector. Bursary levels are the same regardless of the degree classification held by the trainee and the specialism in which they wish to train to teach, for example English language, maths (from basic to GCSE and Level 3).

Trainees must have at least an honours degree to access a bursary for mathematics, and at least a 2:1 degree for the English language. For more information visit the FE Advice website

Subject Knowledge Enhancement (SKE)

Some people who apply for Initial Teacher Training with the potential to become outstanding maths teachers may not have enough specific subject knowledge to begin a maths ITT course.

Subject Knowledge Enhancement (SKE) programmes are pre-ITT programmes designed to help these applicants gain the depth of subject knowledge needed to train to teach their chosen subject.

These arrangements will only apply to the subject of maths, and only for pre-service post graduate programmes. They are specifically to support those programmes which enable trainees to teach maths to GCSE and Level 3.

Depending on your circumstances, you could receive all three of the following funding: 

1. Bursary or scholarship

You may be eligible for a tax-free SKE bursary of £200 per week to support you throughout the course. This means you could receive up to £5,600 for a 28-week course or £2,400 for a shorter course of 12 weeks. 

2. Tuition Fee Loan 

You may be able to access a Tuition Fee Loan to help fund your training and cover tuition fees. You have to pay this amount back, but not until you've finished or left your course and your income is over the repayment threshold.

3. Maintenance Loan 

A Maintenance Loan can help you pay for living costs and will have to be paid back. How much you receive will depend on where you live while you are studying, your household income and your course intensity. 

You can only apply for a Maintenance Loan as a Distance Learning student if you cannot attend your course in person because of a disability.

Additional funding

There are other circumstances in which you can receive funding, for example:

Find out more by visiting the Gov.uk website.

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