SET webinars

The following webinars are upcoming or recorded. To join live and take part in polls and a question and answer session, you will need to be a SET member. On-demand versions will be available to all. Join to become a SET member.

Upcoming SET webinar: Using the RAR approach in practice

16 March 2021

RAR is a structure for teaching a topic where students receive new information and/or skills. They apply it, then they re-use this learning to embed it in long-term memory. Find out more in this webinar.

Upcoming SET webinar: Decisions, decisions – a teaching game for differentiation

16 February 2021

In this webinar with Geoff Petty, you will learn more about a learning method which can be used in any subject involving card sorting.

Upcoming SET webinar: Teaching students skills

19 January 2021

How should skills such as reading for comprehension, writing essays, reports, or assignments or tackling a novel mathematics problem be taught? Find out more in this webinar with Geoff Petty.

Upcoming SET webinar: Differentiation in the classroom

08 December 2020

This webinar will look at mixed ability teaching and what approaches are best for you and your students.

SET webinar: Law Express for SET members

23 November 2020

Join us for a webinar hosted by Law Express' Head of Operations Amir Mohammed, who will be running through some of the most common legal issues facing staff in the FE and training sector.

SET webinar: Motivating your learners

21 October 2020

This webinar will look at which motivation theories are most useful for teachers and how we can implement this research in practice.

SET webinar: Catch them before they fall – Geoff Petty

23 September 2020

How do some schools and colleges get more than 90 per cent of their students achieving their qualification aims, without cheating the data? Find out more in our next webinar with Geoff Petty.

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