Staff health and wellbeing at work

Staff health and wellbeing at work

This webinar looks at health and wellbeing in the workplace. We define what we mean by health and wellbeing, what it is about work that can sustain and promote positive health and wellbeing, and the triggers to poor health and wellbeing.

We also look at the cost and challenge of absenteeism, but also the greater cost of presenteeism. Find out what strategies you can use to promote positive health and wellbeing for ourselves and for our colleagues, as well as whole organisational approaches. We will look at these in the context of the challenges facing the FE and training sector, and also through an equality and diversity perspective. Further sources of information and ideas will be provided.

Please note the live webinar has now taken place, but there are two ways you can access this webinar on-demand:


Kathryn James

Kathryn has worked in a further education (FE) college managing a learning and support service for students with mental health problems. She led on whole organisational approaches to promote mental health and wellbeing for staff as well as students. Kathryn has also worked on healthy FE and staff wellbeing projects and leadership, management and governance development work.

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