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Critical incident analysis for teachers, tutors and trainers

07 March 2014

A critical incident need not be a dramatic event: usually it is an incident which has significance for you.

Matching exercise activity

07 March 2014

Try this matching exercise activity with your learners, that can be adapted to any subject area.

Peer assessment quiz

07 March 2014

This quiz has been developed by the learners to test their peers. The teacher can then plug any knowledge gaps identified in the quiz.

Mental health in further education

03 March 2014

What is effective provision for adult learners with learning difficulties and/or disabilities and how can it be recognised?

Critical incident analysis

10 February 2014

This considers what may constitute a critical incident in the professional life of a teacher.


10 February 2014

Many teachers will have the support and backup of specialist teams to deal with Dyslexia but many others work in isolation and need to find out more.

Matching exercise

10 February 2014

This is an individual or paired activity - good as students enter the classroom or as an extension activity if students have finished "set" work and are waiting for others to complete.

Speaking and listening

21 August 2013

Speaking and listening skills are key areas for all learners. They need to be developed and don’t just happen.

Questioning skills

21 August 2013

Developing learners’ critical thinking and problem-solving skills. One way is to ask questions to encourage discussion and to get learners.

Differentiated questioning

12 May 2013

These three activities suggest ways of assessing learning (for formative and summative purposes) that students will enjoy.

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