Differentiated questioning

A fun approach

How to use the resource

These three activities suggest ways of assessing learning (for formative and summative purposes) that students will enjoy. Each of these games can be played by pairs or groups of learners studying any subject at any level. You just tailor the questions as required.

Activity one - differentiated questioning – group activity – formative assessment - this is a good activity to use with any group when you need to check the level of knowledge/understanding/application a group has of a particular theory, eg. health and safety legislation (plumbing, construction), colour/perming techniques (hairdressing).

Activity two - differentiated questioning – group activity - formative/summative assessment - good activity for health and social care students because the questions could be phrased to encourage much more discussion (application and analysis). This could be an activity that leads up to the setting of an assignment.

Activity three – question dominoes – formative assessment – group or paired activity.


Written by Sue Rees.

The sources for all three activities are unknown but in her role as a teacher educator, Sue has observed each activity being successfully used with students in the 14 to 19 age group.


Access the resource

Access differentiated questioning resource (PDF, 55KB)

Reflective activity (PDF, 262KB)

First published in spring 2011 

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