InTuition, spring 2015, issue 20

The Society will offer members a renewed sense of community

Welcome to the first edition of In Tuition from your new professional body, the Society for Education and Training. We have carefully chosen the new name based on what professional members told us during our recent consultation. You were clear that you wanted a name that represents the sector you work in; a name that reflects the professionalism, expertise and evidence-based practice you aspire to and one that also expresses a sense of community.


As well as the new name we have also launched a new version of our website at It has been redesigned to make it easier for you to use and navigate, and a new forum has been created where you can discuss and share effective practice around current issues affecting the sector. We will also be launching a series of webinars and new online content will be added on a regular basis with the opportunity for you to contribute in the form of guest blogs and articles.

The website is just the beginning of our refreshed membership offer and we will be adding new features and benefits gradually throughout the rest of this year and beyond.

On the website you can now read and download the findings from our consultation process, detailing what you told us during the online survey, stakeholder interviews and the advisory and focus groups that you wanted to see as part of the new service. We have also released our strategy for the Society for 2015-16 and beyond, which provides more detail about what we plan to introduce in response to the consultation. Visit to find out more.

We are also committed to continuing to discuss our plans with you, including new opportunities for you to feed back so we can continue to fine-tune our approach.

We would like to thank you for your support and input during this process and I look forward to working with, and hearing from, you as we shape and develop the Society over the coming years.

Tim Weiss

Director of the Society for Education and Training

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