inTuition 30 - winter 2017

A time for reflection and thinking about the opportunities in 2018

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There is a strongly reflective mood in this, the last issue of inTuition in 2017. The inspiring personal and professional journey of SET member Cyril Derriviere (Interview, page 10) shows not only the tremendous resolve of a man determined to turn his life around, but also the transformative power of education and training.

Cyril’s ability to reflect on his past to inform his future epitomises the professional journey. As a teacher, Cyril is in a powerful position to offer opportunity and hope for young people who might otherwise turn their backs on learning. I urge you to read his story.

You will hopefully have noticed the dedicated focus we have introduced this year within SET on career support for those working in the FE and skills system. We have made this a significant theme running through this issue, including discussion of career paths for teachers and trainers (In Depth, page 12), and the opportunities for progression available for those considering stepping into management (Policy View, and Career Focus, page 26).

"We want to help members reflect on, and plan, their professional and career development"

As this year draws to a close, many of us naturally reflect on the past 12 months and on what 2018 may hold for us in our personal and professional lives. Maybe it’s time to go for QTLS or the new Advanced Teacher Status (News, page 5, and Member Focus, right). Perhaps it’s time to sign up to one of the many subsidised professional development courses available to SET members (News, page 5). Whatever your professional journey and career requirements, we want to help members reflect on, and plan, their professional and career development.

If you’re unsure of what the next step might be, then have another look at the Professional Standards for Teachers and Trainers. Try using the SET self-assessment tool, which allows you to compare your knowledge, skills and experience against the standards. Finally, it is worth reminding fans of Geoff Petty that they should not be alarmed at his absence on pages 30 and 31. As we explained in the last issue of inTuition, Geoff and Susan Wallace will be alternating articles on these pages from now on. I hope
you find Susan’s first column, on rules, as insightful and useful as I did.

As Lou Mycroft says in her Pedagogue column (Members Forum, page 35), we all deserve a bit of hygge after a busy autumn and I, and the SET team, send you our best wishes for the festive season and for 2018.

Tim Weiss

Director of the Society for Education and Training

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