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Index of contributions to inTuition Reasearch Supplement Spring 2019

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Research is so vital for us all: Multiple perspectives

Practitioner research has had a life changing effect on teachers, their networks and their learners. Its importance cannot be underestimated.

Written by Lynn Hart, Education and Training Foundation's Executive Director of Professional Development.

Introduction by the supplement curators

Written by Gail Lydon ATS, Lorna Lindsay and Colin Forrest.

Work-based research makes such a difference for vocational teachers

Demonstrating the benefits of research to different training providers and the impact on practice. Research does not belong in an ivory tower. Using it on the ground, day-to-day, can help practitioners realise their full potential, says Lorna Lindsay.


Sharing the insights from research work

"FE colleges have led the way in listening and responding to the voices of their students and of local employers, but there are other voices that deserve to be heard: the voices of tutors. Politicians are convinced of the efficacy of student voices in improving TLA, yet they remain deaf to the voices of those who have the most power to enhance the quality of TLA: educators,"(Coffield, 2017, p.47) Coffield, F. (2017). Will the Leopard Change its Spots? London: UCL IOE Press.


Why research is so vital for an evidence-informed profession

Learners, and society, are short-changed if our sector doesn’t use the best possible evidence for its work. Being evidence-informed is a moral duty and a social justice issue, argues Professor Daniel Muijs, Head of Research at Ofsted.

The dedication that drives us: Three research journeys

In these three pieces we are privileged to get a glimpse of different examples of routes into teaching and research in the FE sector. Three professionals from the sector describe their personal research journeys and the importance of research in developing their practice.


Personalising the e-learning experience


Living and learning - reflections on teaching about equality and diversity, mental health, resilience and inclusion

Introduction to contributions on equality and diversity, resilience, mental health and inclusion, by Colin Forrest.

Three contributors provide rich insights into the impact of research in these areas.


Research in Further Education: What’s all the fuss about?

If FE wants a powerful voice in deciding its purpose and place in society and education, a policy to build research capacity in the sector is needed. Article by Dr Gary Husband, President of the Association for Research in Post Compulsory Education (ARPCE), University of Stirling and Sam Jones QTLS, Bedford College.

Reflections and acknowledgements

Written by Gail Lydon ATS, Lorna Lindsay and Colin Forrest.

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