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News from the Editor of InTuition, Alan Thompson 

As I step down as Editor of inTuition after eight years, I thought I would share a final brief reflection on further education, and the people who make it happen.

I say “make it happen” because there is no education without teachers. Day in, day out, teachers expand horizons and create opportunities for millions of people. Teachers change lives.

The popular axiom that the quality of an education system cannot exceed the quality of its teachers may sound a bit deterministic for the endlessly adaptive, and sometimes messy, practice of teaching, but I think it essentially true.

I am seriously delighted that, in my time as inTuition editor, successive governments let the grass grow over the potentially ruinous course of de-professionalising FE teaching which was signalled in the 2012 Lingfield Report.

After the closure of the Institute for learning (IfL), FE teachers and trainers grasped the opportunities presented by the Society for Education and Training (SET) and set about building a robust, voluntary community of professional practice.

This professional renaissance has not gone unnoticed, and there now seems to be real commitment from the current Government, and opposition parties, to supporting professional development across FE. There is even money attached!

In passing on the inTuition baton, I know that FE continues to face many pressing challenges. But I am also reassured that FE’s flourishing professionalism, anchored in its professional body SET, means it faces the future with growing confidence and pride.

My final act as inTuition editor is simply to get to my feet and applaud the FE sector unreservedly. It’s been on the ropes more times than Rocky Balboa but its resilience, ingenuity and sheer bloody-minded determination to do the best by its learners – those among us who most need a hand up in life - means it is always back to continue the good fight.

Alan Thomson

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