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Our mission at SET is to engage our members in the active use, creation and dissemination of research into effective teaching and learning practices. SET members are committed professionals who recognise why being research active and committed to evidence based practice is important to improving their own teaching and outcomes for learners, and is included in the Professional Standards.

You will already appreciate that The Foundation and SET are committed to supporting and promoting 'research for the sector, by the sector'.  Much of our effort is focussed on providing practitioners with the time, space and resources to undertake their own research to improve an aspect of practice, and to ground this in theory and to existing research.

SET's online research library - powered by EBSCO

Sets Online Research Collection

From 2017-18, members can access SET's online research library, powered by EBSCO. The journal collection comprises a wide range of national and international education research allowing you to deepen your teaching and training expertise.

Find out more about how to access the library.

Professional Standards Research Map 

 Professional Standards Research Map

Visit our Professional Standards section to find out more about our brand new interactive tool, designed to offer you bite-sized summaries and access to in-depth research articles.

Access to research

In the past year SET have been guided by our members to increase the quality and quantity of access to research, this has happened in several ways:

  • Increased research content in InTuition, featuring practitioner-led research and key readings.
  • Access to research Q&A via SET's online communities.
  • Bursaries to support SET members on the Foundation’s Practitioner Research Programme.
  • Publication of our Research Supplements showcasing practitioner research from the sector.

SET members value being part of a community of practice. Promoting and stimulating the application, and generation, of research is a central part of this provision.  Practitioners who are SET members have the space to publish their own work and access the latest offerings from the sector. We hope you make the most of the material and resources available to you via our website, Intuition and the Research Supplement.

Research report 2017: Impact of payment on Governors in Northern Ireland Colleges on board effectiveness with implications for England

Visit the Leadership Hub website to read and download the report

Career Progression Report 

In March 2017 the Education and Training Foundation (ETF) and the Society for Education and Training (SET) commissioned the National Foundation for Educational Research (NFER) to support them with devising, analysing and reporting an online survey of staff within the education and training sector. The aim of the survey was to explore career progression within the sector, including enabling factors and barriers.

Download the report.