QTLS Impact Study

An impact study was conducted between January and April 2015 to further the Foundation’s understanding of the strengths of professional formation and to identify ways in which the process could be developed in the future. An executive summary of this report can be downloaded here.

Here are some headlines from the study:

Why do people undertake professional formation?

  • 79.5% apply in order to increase their professional status.
  • Two thirds of applicants told us they undertake professional formation because they wanted the flexibility to be able to work in schools.

What support do applicants have from their institutions during the process and is it enough?

  • Half of respondents thought they had enough support to complete the process and half did not.
  • The support that was valued the most included observations of teaching and learning and feedback, talking to their manager and reflecting on the process.

What are the strengths of professional formation?

  • Professional status and recognition were seen as key strengths, as well as QTLS having legal parity with QTS.
  • Respondents referred to professional formation enabling a consolidation of professional practice and knowledge.

‘Through the process of self-reflection, it made me realise I had more skills and experience than I thought!’  2013 applicant

‘A fantastic opportunity to reflect on my career and pedagogy.’   2014 applicant

What are the areas for improvement?

Respondents told us that they thought there was a need to:

  • increase employers’ understanding of the benefits of QTLS and its parity with QTS, particularly in schools.
  • encourage peer support and mentoring throughout the process
  • make more explicit references to the 2014 professional standards
  • provide more technical support in order to be able to use the REfLECT on-line workbook.

What is the impact of professional formation on practice?

  • 80% of respondents who achieved QTLS consider that the process has improved their teaching practice.
  • 84% felt the process had increased their confidence in their teaching practice.

Next steps

We are currently developing an action plan to take key recommendations forward.  We will be continuing to consult with practitioners and stakeholders in this process.

Structural review of QTLS

A follow up structural review of QTLS was carried out between July and November 2015. The aim of the structural review was to consult on recommendations from the QTLS impact study, in order to bring about enhancements to improve the rigour and increase the impact of the QTLS offer on teachers’ practice and their learners’ outcomes. You can read about the findings of the review here.

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