Changing course at a crossroads to get immersed in research

I’m still trying to get to grips with Ofsted’s dismissal of research “paucity” in the Further Education and Skills sector. I can confidently say that FE-based research is positively flourishing right now, and I’m proud to have made some small contributions to this, writes Suzanne Savage, doctoral researcher at the Centre for the Study of Practice and Culture at Birmingham University.

My own research journey began as a teaching and learning coach at a small FE college. Together with another member of staff, governors tasked me to increase the number of action plans completed by college lecturers. These action plans were meant to be filled in based upon feedback received after once-yearly observations. In practice, few action plans were completed, and those that were had been done as tick box exercises and buried deep in a folder, never used to develop one’s daily practice.


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