The effect of building confidence through positive verbal feedback

During the process of undertaking Advanced Teacher Status (ATS) I completed two case studies as I considered 'Under what circumstances does this work' (William 2018) and decided my aim could be displayed far more clearly in a study as a practitioner-researcher, Morris (2018), writes Sallyann Wright.

I focused on the effect of building confidence through positive verbal feedback, linked directly to exam criteria. I ran a morning workshop for 12 aspiring Grade 9 students who were sitting the exam with three different exam boards. This was supplemented by a study of a resit GCSE student, using similar methods over an 18-hour period of sessions.

The most powerful impact was my starting point of ‘what you already know’, always focusing on the positive and building on any comment they made, then applying it to an English skill relevant to the exam. As the session progressed, I could build on these earlier comments ‘you’ve already shown me you can do AO1 and AO2 – that’s great. Now let’s use that to look at this’.


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