Keeping a constant focus on quality through changing times

Dr Barbara Van Der Eecken, Director of Quality and Service Standards at the training provider Babington, explores the strategic and operational decisions the company made in response to the pandemic, while sharing some key examples to help you reflect on your current quality strategy and its impact.

Leadership in Babington, purpose, vision and values

Since David Marsh was appointed CEO for Babington in 2018, the company has gone through a transformation process which has led us to re-affirm our purpose, vision, and redefine our values. This took place throughout 2019 until we got to the point where there was genuine clarity about our strategic plan and everyone was working to the same purpose, which we titled: ‘Developing Better Futures’.

Additionally, we signed up to the following vision statement: “To be globally recognised as a valued and trusted partner unlocking potential through a bold passion for learning.” This gave us a strong platform with a focus on quality, especially when combined with our values:

  • curious
  • brave
  • determined
  • passionate
  • caring
  • trusted.

These values highlight that quality is at the heart of what we do, enabling us to successfully carry out our work and collaborate with colleagues. We all want the same for our staff, learners, employers, and communities, and our vision statement clearly highlights a bold passion for learning.

Questions to ask:

  • Do you consider your organisation’s purpose, vision and values when you are planning your quality strategy?
  • Did you focus on and demonstrate your company’s values before the pandemic?
  • Did these help colleagues to shape their response throughout?

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