Mental health and wellbing: supporting teachers and learners

As a teacher, trainer or leader, often you will be supporting the mental health and wellbeing of your learners and staff, but it is just as important to look after your own mental health. We know that sometimes that is easier said than done - and that the sheer volume of advise and tools can be overwhelming.

We have highlighted some key tools you can access to support your own wellbeing. Whether you seek support in shared experiences, you reach out to others, or practise mindfulness exercises in your classroom or at home, it is never too late to prioritise self-care during your working week.

External resources

  • Education Support Helpline: This is a confidential helpline for anyone working in the education sector, available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Access free information, support, coaching and advice from BACP accredited counsellors.
    Find out more by visiting the Education Support website.
  • Mental Health First Aid Training: Find out more about the one-day mental health awareness and skills course, which will offer you and your colleagues knowledge and confidence to provide mental health first aid for the most common mental health issues and an understanding of how to help build a mentally healthy workplace, challenge stigma and support positive wellbeing.
    Find out more by visiting the Mental Health First Aid website.

SET and ETF resources:


For more information on mental health and wellbeing, please visit the Education and Training Foundation (ETF) website.

You can also find information and advice from our partners: The Education Support Partnership, along with Mind and Mental Health at Work.