Mental Health & Wellbeing today and tomorrow – six models to help and explore stress

Stuart Rimmer, CEO at East Coast College Group, offers practical tips and takeaways on wellbeing and mental health in teaching, with a focus on dealing with stress, change, and the pressures placed upon colleges during the current pandemic.

Rising pressures on staff and colleges

All of us, regardless of what role we are in in Further Education (FE) are under a huge amount of pressure. I often talk about pressure, rather than stress. I also think it’s more helpful to talk about ‘distress’, which is more of a negative stress. For me, Covid-19 has accelerated and amplified everything. Things which were already sitting under the surface have got bigger and more significant for us on a personal and a professional level. In addition to this we’ve also moved to digital learning and witnessed the pressures that has brought on staff and colleges. 

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