Webinar: Assessment in the online class

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How do you check learning is or has taken place in your online class? We have heard from teachers saying that they need support with how to do this in both the synchronous and asynchronous class and with ensuring that the assessment they are carrying out is of a high standard, of good quality and fair. In this webinar, hosted by SET member Danielle Lloyd, who is a teacher, educator and founder of the Teaching Entrepreneur Association, we will look at:

• linking assessment to learning outcomes
• a variety of online assessment methods
• teaching tools that marry up with assessment methods
• quick and easy assessment tools.

This masterclass is ideal if you want new and different ways to assess your students’ knowledge and skills using a variety of online tools. I will show you step by step how you can integrate this into your online classes and of course you will be able to download the recording of the video for later viewing.