Webinar: Find faults and fix methods with Geoff Petty

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Checking and correcting learning while learning is still in progress, is one of your most powerful tools. It quashes misconceptions before they get established and provides you with the feedback you need to decide which students have ‘got it’ and which have not.

Then you can fix the problems or move on with confidence. Which methods do this? How can your favourite methods be adapted so they check and correct? Methods such as mastery learning which check and correct well have been shown to be highly effective. Some active methods with built-in check and correct don’t require you to do anything – the students are held to account, so they do it for free. This webinar, hosted by Geoff Petty, looks at some methods you can try with your learners.

About Geoff Petty

Geoff Petty is one of the UK’s leading experts on teaching methods. An experienced teacher with an international reputation, he is the author of best-selling books Teaching Today and Evidence-Based Teaching.

Geoff has spent 28 years in teaching and is a former teacher trainer. He has worked as a consultant with over 500 colleges and schools, as well as several national education bodies in the UK and abroad. He speaks regularly on learning and teaching issues at conferences all over the country. Geoff is a regular contributor to SET's quarterly journal, inTuition.

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